Siblings // October 2018

It’s the third year in a row for the Siblings Project October edition to feature pumpkin picking at our favourite The Balloon Tree! It’s always one of the highlights of our October, and our visit last weekend was no different.

The children had a wonderful time choosing pumpkins, with H-Bear trying (and failing) to pick up the biggest ones! He and Busby managed a medium one between them… 

They’re both very excited for Halloween this year… with many discussions about what spooky faces we’re going to carve into our pumpkins. H-Bear is keen to make a robot pumpkin, whereas Busby is sticking with the classic ‘scary’ pumpkin face.

They’ve also rekindled their love for the Ghostbusters theme tune, which we’re more than happy to play. I’m so tempted to get them matching Ghostbusters costumes this year…

The rest of our October is set to be a busy one, with my mum coming to stay for a few days this week and then a half term spent in the Lake District. We try to go to the Lakes at least once a year, and rather excitingly have Nick’s brother and partner coming over from Australia to join us for our next adventure! We’ve found the most beautiful house – and even Bertie is coming (it’s his first time in the Lakes) – so keep an eye out for many photos! It’s going to be so lovely – the last time we were all together was Italy… almost three years ago.

So October will fly by… and it’s very strange to think that we may be welcoming another member of our family into the world next month. Although my due date is at the beginning of December, I’m technically full-term mid-November so Bun may well decide to show her face in time for next month’s Siblings Project. What a crazy, slightly scary, amazing thought!


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  1. 15th October 2018 / 9:14 pm

    Ooo so much excitement all around! The holiday sounds like it’s going to be amazing and well, the baby. Eeeek! Gorgeous photos as ever lovely 🙂 x

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