Baking a Bun // 37 weeks pregnant

Thursday 15th November 2018

I’ve been rather pants at writing this week. Concentration levels are not at the highest right now as I feel like I could fall asleep anywhere and everywhere, but thanks to amazing friends and a very supportive Nick, I’ve been able to grab a couple of naps and not do too much school running.

Ooofph, the school runs. Monday’s school run was ridiculously painful and took me an hour just to walk to Busby’s school to pick her up… My legs and hips are in agony if I walk too much, which I think is because this baby is super low! It feels like she’s getting lower and lower; I don’t know how this is possible really as she’s already 2/5 engaged!

I’ve definitely had a hormonal shift this week. My nausea has been back and Bertie has been behaving really oddly around me. I’ve also been having strong contractions and last night I seriously wondered whether she might be making an appearance!

I had a (rather pointless) appointment with the Health Visitor on Tuesday. But she gave me Bun’s red book, which was really the reason I went to the appointment.

Bun is the size of a honey dew melon this week and I definitely feel like my bump resembles a melon. I just feel very pregnant, which is unsurprising because I am!

My breasts have been leaking again, and feel very full. Ooh, I’m so very ready to meet this baby.

I’ve been craving Brussels sprouts by the truckload this week, as well as lemon San Pellegrino again. I’m finding that I’m getting full very quickly now, so everything is little and often.

Friday 16th November 2018

I had my pre-baby haircut and colour this morning, so now my hair is ready for Bun! I just need to sort out my caterpillar eyebrows and re-paint my nails. Not massively important in the grand scheme of birth giving, but things that will make me feel a bit more ‘me’ with a newborn in tow!

We had our final hypnobirthing refresher session this evening, which was lovely and relaxing following what has been quite a stressful week. (The stress hasn’t been pregnancy-related!) Our teacher thinks that Bun may well be here next week with all the practise contractions and other signs I’ve been having. It all seems very real now, which is wonderful but also fairly daunting!

Saturday 17th November 2018

38 weeks tomorrow! I’m still in denial that I’m actually having another baby!

Next week is fairly busy with a midwife appointment on Monday, SO much work stuff to get through and then ending the week with the pregnancy massage that I hope will encourage Bun to arrive at 39+1! I also need to start painting the nursery… and build the Snuzpod. Getting ready for a baby to arrive seems never-ending!


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