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Having a summer holiday to look forward to can do the world of good, and these are always trips that you will look back fondly on. This is particularly true when you take the little ones away with you because doing so allows you to spend quality time together and show them new places, cultures, languages, cuisines, and so on. There are many superb places for a summer getaway with the children and where you go will depend on your needs, taste and budget, but there are a few destinations which are always a good choice for families. The following eight spots should allow for an unforgettable trip that will create many happy memories for all.


Greece is one of the more popular summer holiday destinations, and it is easy to see why! The mainland has many amazing cities and attractions while the gorgeous islands have plenty of jaw-dropping sights and idyllic scenery. Families will benefit from booking villas in Greece which will give them a base for exploring or you can simply lounge around the pool on those days where it is too hot to venture out.


As Europe’s southernmost country you can expect high temperatures throughout the summer particularly when you head to the much-loved Algarve region to the South. Here you will find idyllic sandy beaches, sleepy fishing villages and golf resorts. The area also has many villas, hotels, bars and restaurants serving up tantalising national dishes such as grilled sardines and salt cod.


Families seeking sun, sea and sand should seriously consider Spain due to the popular coastal resorts to the South. Families flock here during the warmer months of the year thanks to the lovely climate, inviting beaches and affordability of the resorts. Since it is such a popular tourist spot, it also means that language is not a problem here and the resorts are child-friendly, safe and welcoming.


Croatia is often overlooked when it comes to European summer holiday destinations which makes it somewhat of a hidden gem (shh, let’s keep it this way!). It is ideal for families because it has both beautiful landscapes and cool cities to explore with a lovely temperature during the summer months. If your family are fans of Game of Thrones, then Croatia should certainly be on your shortlist as the fabulous city of Dubrovnik is a filming location for King’s Landing. The Dalmatian coast is another highlight with many of Europe’s most dramatic coastlines.


Not many families would have thought of visiting Bulgaria a few years ago, but it is rapidly growing in popularity thanks to its large affordable resorts, inviting sandy beaches and beautiful natural surroundings. If you are looking for somewhere more cultural, Varna is an interesting city with cathedrals, Ancient Roman baths, archaeological museums, cathedrals and much more.


France is a great option for families because it is very easy to get to, there is very little time difference and language should not be too much of a problem (although it is recommended that you learn a few key phrases). France has many lovely cities to explore with Paris being the obvious highlight, but for families looking to chill out, you could head into the stunning countryside and hire a villa with a pool so that you can relax, soak up the sun and enjoy the peace and quiet.


All of the Canary Islands are a good choice for a sunny and good value for money family vacation, but Tenerife is, arguably, the pick of the bunch. It is the most popular which means that the most flights serve it, plus to the South, you will find plenty of cheap and cheerful resorts ideal for days on the beach. Elsewhere on the island, you will find outstanding natural beauty, including the magnificent UNESCO-listed Teide National Park, black sand beaches to the North and incredible biodiversity across 6 different vegetation zones.


This beautiful archipelago between Sicily and the North African coast has remarkable diversity thanks to its history of different rulers. It may be small, but it is packed with highlights including the stunning capital city of Valletta where you will find many ancient ruins and intriguing culture. Elsewhere there are picture-perfect beaches with azure waters, hidden coves and scuba diving opportunities.

A family summer holiday should be the highlight of the year, but it can be difficult to choose somewhere that you will all enjoy. The above are just a few ideas, and each one is somewhere well suited to families with lots to see and do.

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