Siblings // December 2018

Well, here we are – my Siblings Project post for December. Better late than never!

As you can see, this month has been mostly uneventful… Haha! Our final family member kept us waiting, but Tabitha eventually arrived 12 days ‘late’ on 14th December. She doesn’t have a blog alias yet, so I need to get my thinking cap on! 

All of the photos this month were taken over Christmas as the week following Miss T’s arrival was very busy (visitors, school Christmas events and Busby turned 6!).

Busby and H-Bear have taken to older siblinghood wonderfully. They met Tabitha almost immediately after she had been born, as they were waiting upstairs, having woken up when the midwives arrived. It was absolutely magical. Busby helped cut the cord, and H-Bear asked “why are you in a pool, Mummy?” completely perplexed to have come downstairs to a giant inflatable pool in the family room!

We went to see Father Christmas at Harlow Carr in Harrogate, which was truly wonderful! Tabitha met the Big Man at only 9 days old and he fell completely in love with her.

Since her arrival, Miss T has slotted into our crazy clan wonderfully, and so far she’s been such a joyful, happy baby, only getting herself in a tizz when she’s hungry or windy. Busby loves holding her and reading to her, which is all kinds of glorious. H-Bear isn’t too fussed about her most of the time, but will occasionally give her a kiss, or offer her a toy/snack. He’ll get there once she’s more interactive.

I spent all of Christmas feeling so lucky and thankful (completely hashtag blessed), but I am really looking forward to dialling the festive chaos down now and truly settling into life as a family of five. We have a number of adventures planned over the next few weeks, and Nick is taking some extended leave too so we can have some time just the three of us once Busby and H-Bear go back to school in January.

So here’s to my first Siblings Project with three children! I can’t wait to continue sharing our updates every month with you.


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