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Oily skin getting you down? Having an oily complexion can be so frustrating, you could have washed your face, applied a perfect, full face of makeup only for shiny, oily patches to really knock your confidence. There are a huge variety of skin products, specifically aimed at oily skin, but is there anything else you should be doing to help? We indulge in microblading for unruly eyebrows, and soak our skin in moisturiser if it’s dry, but what about oily skin?

Read on for a few helpful skin tips that will give your confidence a boost.


If you have oily skin, it’s advisable that you exfoliate at least once a week. Exfoliation will stop your pores from clogging and causing breakouts, something which oily skin is susceptible to. Just make sure you’re extra gentle when applying it, so you don’t irritate you skin. A homemade oatmeal face scrub will help.

Oats absorb oil and can help soothe and calm inflamed skin too.

Avoid heavy cosmetics

You want to hide your oily skin, I get it. And using a lot of makeup to cover up what we don’t like seems logical but using a lot of products on your oily skin might actually be making it worse. Opt for water based foundations and cosmetics rather than something oil based.

Watch what you eat

Our diet has a huge impact on our health, and oily skin is no different. Although influenced by hormones and genetics, if you avoid things like fatty, oily foods then that will certainly help. Avoid processed foods and indulging on sugar.

Cleanse, tone and moisturise

Everyone needs a good skin care routine, and if you have oily skin then you need to be persistent with it. Try a cleanser that has tea tree oil in it or salicylic acid – these actually dissolve sebum and will improve your skins tone and texture. Next, add an alcohol free toner that will remove anything that the cleanser may have missed. Then add – you’ve guessed it – an oil free moisturiser.

Use a face mask

Next time you’re in the bath, why not treat your skin to a gorgeous clay face mask. A deep cleansing face mask that contains plenty of clay will help to soak up any excess oils and will help to reduce shine – you’ll probably notice a difference for several days after! When buying a face mask, keep an eye out for ingredients like shea butter and honey as these will help to soothe your skin. Clay masks are quite powerful, so perhaps try applying it to your oily areas first.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera comes recommended after years of dermatological research. So, why not try adding a thin layer of it at night before you go to bed. Just remember to do a patch test on a small area (such as your arm) first, if there’s no reaction after 24/48 hours then feel free to apply a thin layer to your face overnight.

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