Siblings // January 2019

Month number two of having three children and it’s been rather wonderful so far. Chaotic. Noisy. Messy. But wonderful. Our house is a perpetual tip. I feel like I’m constantly doing loads of laundry. I can’t function without coffee. But I am loving it! 

Busby has really taken to Tabby; wanting to help me bathe her, dress her, and assists in nappy changes. She especially loves to find out which baby clothes used to be hers, and enjoys hearing stories about when she was a baby… which feels like a LONG time ago now!

H-Bear is not so taken with Tabby. Yet. I have everything crossed that this will change once she’s a bit more interactive, rather than being the baby who cries and takes up all of Mummy’s time. He asked me “when will Baby Tabby be going back in your tummy?” the other day, so I’m not sure he’s fully grasped the reality of what’s happened.

His behaviour has been somewhat challenging since Tabby’s arrival, and at times I’m finding it more exhausting than the sleep deprivation. He’s currently going through a potty training regression, where he purposefully poos in his pants – usually at the most awkward time. It’s not ideal, but so many people have said that it’s completely normal, which is a relief. He’s also been waking up in the evenings and nights, pretending to cry so I get into bed and cuddle him. I get it; he’s gone from having a large share of the attention, to a slightly reduced amount – and it must be difficult when you’re only 3 years old.

We’ve got some lovely things planned for the next few weeks though, which will include some one-on-one time with H-Bear (hopefully while Tabby sleeps in the pushchair!). I’m hoping the focus being on him will help curb the behavioural issues.

Overall though, I’m not finding 2-3 children as big of a leap as I did 1-2. It definitely helps that Busby is in school full-time and H-Bear part-time! Everything feels more relaxed this time round, which is a big relief.

I think both Busby and H-Bear are happy to be back at school after the Christmas holidays. The last week of the break felt like a test of endurance – especially with the darker afternoons, cooler weather and sleep deprivation. I’m already eagerly anticipating the arrival of spring – lighter and warmer days, lots more outside time, AND being able to run around in the garden after school…!


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