Interiors // 5 ways to add storage to a child’s bedroom

Children seem to come with an alarming amount of ‘stuff’, which always spreads from their own bedroom into your living room. It is important, for your own sanity, to ensure that your child keeps their toys in their own bedroom (best you can) so it doesn’t take over every other room in the house.

Here are some simple hints and tips on how you could maximise the storage in the kids’ bedrooms:

1. Shelves

As shelves don’t take up any valuable floor space, putting these up would mean that your children will still have some room to play, and they won’t necessarily continue to take over the house with their stuff.

Shelves are a great way to display ornaments and toys, as well as working as a mini book or DVD case.

2. Utilise the Bed

As every bedroom needs a bed, this should really be utilised for extra storage. There are plenty of beds that come with drawers underneath, although there are other bed options for extra storage too.

Ottoman or storage beds are great options for hiding bits and bobs conveniently underneath a mattress. The storage of an ottoman bed can be accessed by lifting the assisted bed frame and mattress and it is a great way to hide clothes and shoes that would otherwise be left out on the floor.

Beds that come with attached cupboards, shelves and more often than not, a desk, are known as cabin beds. These are great for older children that aren’t quite yet ready for a double bed, as they are more grown up than your standard single.

3. Storage Boxes

Storage boxes shouldn’t take up too much space in a bedroom, especially if you invest in ones that can be stacked. These are great ways to encourage children to put their toys away after themselves too, especially if you get a themed one, like this JCB Storage Box.

4. Make Use of the Wardrobe

Think about it, you’re probably not using the floor space of the wardrobe, and you’re probably not using the top of the wardrobe either.

Invest in some baskets that can store smaller items and can easily slot below the hanging clothes and above the wardrobe floor. It is important that you utilise every bit of storage space that you already have.

5. Invest in a Hutch

Rather than a wardrobe, why not consider a hutch? These are chests of drawers, with added shelf storage on top.

You can use the drawers below to store clothes in, while the shelves above are a great way to store toys and books.

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