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Some of our family are in the process of moving house, and although I don’t envy the packing, the having to deal with uncommunicative solicitors, nor the general stresses of the property ladder, I am a little bit jealous of the gorgeous abode they are purchasing.

It’s a dream property; the kind that we may never be able to achieve if property prices continue to climb at the rate they currently are.

The house is so beautiful and light, but the kitchen is in need of a makeover. It’s an amazing space to overhaul though and I can see it being the hub for many a family celebration. Patio doors open, a glass of bubbles in hand whilst the smell of the BBQ drifts in from outside. The children running around, causing havoc as usual, while we attempt adult conversation. Or Christmas Day morning, with excitement in the air and our plates laden with smoked salmon and eggs.

So what will it take to make it the kitchen of dreams?

Well, first of all, websites such as Kitchen Warehouse are a great place to start for inspiration – as well as my favourite, Pinterest!

Once they have an idea of what they want from the space, the first physical task will be tackling the floor, as it’s currently a bit strange and a rather bright shade of green. Ceramic tiles are absolutely fantastic in a kitchen – and the underfloor heating would mean that toes would remain toasty, even in the middle of winter. Plus they’re super easy to clean, which is key with our children and the dog visiting!

Then the kitchen units probably need replacing as they are quite dated and don’t really fit in with the country-style look that the rest of the house has. Beautiful wooden worktops would look really beautiful, and wood-fronted doors painted perhaps an off-white or even a dove grey would be lovely and in-keeping with the country kitchen.

After that, I guess painting the space would be the next course of action. Light, bright colours would work well – so whites, yellows, duck-egg hues.

Oooh, I am so envious of the project ahead of them! There’s nothing like redesigning a space and seeing it come to life!


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