Siblings // February 2019

I’m a bit late with my Siblings Project update again this month. Who knew having three children would take up so much time?! Also, actually capturing these photos has proved somewhat of a challenge, and consequently, they’re not quite as ‘photobook’ as they usually are… but hey, I guess it’s keeping it real? And when they’re older, and ask me what was going on in these photos, we’ll be able to look back and laugh!

So what’s been going on this month? Well, as I write this we’re coming to the end of half term. It hasn’t quite been the endurance test I’d predicted it may well be, which is a relief, and we’ve had lots of fun, despite me running on an average of 3 hours sleep a night! Thank goodness for coffee! My mum has been staying and the weather has been beautiful, which has definitely helped with getting everyone outside, so cabin fever hasn’t really hit at all.

It’s been really lovely having Busby and H-Bear around all week. I know Tabby has loved it – in fact, she’s barely slept during the day because she’s been so taken with what they’re up to and seems to have developed serious FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) when it comes to these two. I’ve had to put her in the carrier or squirrel her away in the carrycot to actually get her to sleep! She’s definitely going to miss these two when they go back next week.

We’ve restarted our Beach Sunday adventures, which makes me very happy as it’s one of my favourite parts of the week. Tabby wasn’t massively impressed with her first beach adventure last weekend, but it was pretty chilly down on the beach. Hopefully she’ll warm to the idea the more we go? Although I really don’t want to wish away the next few weeks/months, I can’t wait until she’s sitting up by herself and is able to semi-join in with the other two! It will also make taking the candid shots I love so much, so much easier!!!


The Siblings Project - Dear Beautiful

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