Tabby // Two Months

Two months of Tabby?! Wow! The weeks are flying! She seems to be changing daily and is developing so quickly.

This month Tabby has really found her voice and we’re getting some lovely sounds from her. She’s also smiling a lot now, which is just gorgeous.

She’s absolutely fascinated with Bertie, and makes excited noises when she sees him. She also gets quite excited when she sees Nick and I, and will smile, coo and jiggle her legs about. I’d forgotten how rewarding this ‘just starting to interact’ stage is.

Sleep is still up and down, which is to be expected at this stage (I’m so glad we have a coffee machine). We’ve had a couple of four hour chunks over the past month, but we’ve also had a few nights where she’s been awake every hour.

Tabby seems to get very windy and uncomfortable, which isn’t helping her sleep. I do wonder whether she may have mild reflux and/or a milk allergy like H-Bear. We have our postpartum GP check in a couple of weeks, so I’m going to chat to the GP about it then and see what they think. She’s thriving and putting on weight beautifully though, so it may just be that her little body is still just developing and lengthening out.

Busby is still very much in love with Tabby and loves to read to her. We’ve had quite a few rounds of ‘That’s not my unicorn’ over the past few weeks! H-Bear is warming to her finally, but he’s still finding the change hard to deal with.

Tabby has started to find her hands over the past couple of days and has been enjoying munching them. It seems a bit early for teething, so it may just be for comfort… I’ve ordered a teething toy today just in case!

She’s now in a mixture of 0-3 months and 3-6 months clothes, so I’ve had to sort out her drawers to clear out the newborn sizes. It feels so strange doing this as I normally pack them away in a box for the next baby, but this is the last time which is all kinds of emotional. I completely understand why people keep on having babies!

The Health Visitor came round for our 6-8 week check last week and she’s extremely happy with how Tabby is growing. Tabby is now a beautifully chunky 11lb 11oz and is 56cm long. She is most definitely thriving!

Even though the reality of constant sleep deprivation is starting to kick in, I’m still completely head over heels in love with this little lady. She’s so utterly delicious and I just feel so lucky that she’s in our lives.


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  1. 19th February 2019 / 9:38 pm

    Absolutely beautiful pictures of her as always. The last two months have flown by haven’t they?! Evelyn has also found her hands and voice and I’m just embracing every moment. I love this age ☺️

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