Siblings // March 2019

After the glorious weather during half term and then the week following, I was hoping to shoot these photos outside. Alas the weather has been pretty pants since March began (although less worrying in terms of climate change), so this month’s photos have been taken inside next to our “posing wall” as Busby has started calling it!

I also want to call this collection of photos “H-Bear explores Tabby” as you’ll see he’s had a great time examining her whilst I’ve been distracted with the camera…

There’s not a huge amount to report this month. To be honest, it’s all been a bit of a blur of sleep deprivation, school commitments and more sleep deprivation, so I can’t really remember what’s happened.

Tabs had her first lot of vaccinations, H-Bear won the class World Book Day costume competition for his ‘Keith the Cat with the Magic Hat’, and Busby has been gaining swimming certificates almost weekly.

The washing pile still resembles a mountain, Bertie still isn’t quite sure about the set up… and it’s still very noisy. But three is also wonderful, and I spend so much time staring at them in awe; I can’t believe I made them!

These last three photos were taken today at my in-laws house. They’re about to move, so I wanted to capture some final photos of these three in the house to look back on. This is also the same spot that I captured my first Siblings Project with all three in December! Tabby has grown A LOT!


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