Tabby // 3 months

Three months of Tabby! I keep checking to make sure I’ve got the dates right, because surely she can’t be three months old already?!

This month Tabby seems to have unfurled even more. There’s such a difference in her from the photos I took at the beginning of the month compared to now! Her eyes have opened wider, she’s growing the most gorgeous long eyelashes, and she’s definitely getting longer and heavier.

She’s taken a real shine to her siblings this month – with half term being a constant source of entertainment for her! She suffers from serious FOMO, so getting her to nap at the weekend is proving quite difficult.

Tabby is mostly in size 3-6 months clothes now, and I’ve been sorting through her newborn and 0-3 months bits wondering how on earth she ever fitted in them! People keep saying how tiny she is, but she seems so big to me.

Sleep is still very much up and down. She seems to understand night from day now, but is still co-sleeping and refuses to sleep anywhere else but in bed with us. She will sleep in the carrycot when out and about in the day, or in the sling on me or Nick. Her cot has just arrived for her bedroom, so I’m hoping to finish painting and sorting out her nursery over the next week and try and put her down in there for a nap during the day, to get her used to sleeping off me. It’s probably a pointless activity, but at least it will look pretty in there!

Tabby wants to be on the move already, and has started pushing herself up her changing mat with her legs. She’s also been trying to roll over, but hasn’t quite achieved that yet!

She had her first lot of vaccinations a couple of weeks ago, and thankfully her reaction wasn’t too bad. She cried a little with the jabs, but then smiled through her tears at the nurse… and my heart melted!

Tabby is such a lovely, chilled out little soul who has slotted in absolutely perfectly. I can’t wait to see what the next month brings, but equally, if time could maybe slow down a bit please…


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