Interiors // 5 DIY Home Decorating Ideas on a Budget

Buying a new home can be an incredibly expensive time, especially if your new property needs a bit of TLC to make it comfortable. It is possible to make your new house feel more like a home on a budget while you recoup some of the savings you have spent during your move. Take a look at our guide and you will feel like you are at home in no time.

Repurpose Furniture and Accessories

If your furniture doesn’t exactly match your new home you don’t have to replace it. Instead, why not repurpose it? These days, there is a huge range of paints and other products that you can use to make your furniture fit with any decor that you have. Plus, by repurposing you are doing a good turn for the environment as well as saving yourself some money. There is plenty of advice and inspiration to be found online to help you understand how to repurpose your furniture so that it looks amazing once again.

Shop Second-hand

If you do need to buy new items for your home, why not consider buying them from a second-hand shop? People throw away so much stuff, it makes sense to put it to good use rather than allow it to either fester or end up at landfill. Sure, it sometimes takes a while to drop on the perfect item but when you do, it really does feel amazing. Plus, the good feeling you get for looking after the environment and helping the charity just adds to the experience. Why not take a look at a recent post I wrote looking at 3 home decor ideas that often get overlooked and see if in small ways you can get the house feeling like your home.

Combine Different Paint Colours

Combining different paint colours can really give your home a warm and welcoming feeling. Colour really does have the ability to make a house feel like yours. The advice, when selling a home is to make the colours neutral so that buyers can imagine themselves living there and putting their own stamp on it. Once you have bought the house why not truly make it yours with colour? If you are still in the process of buying the house, make sure you find yourself a good mortgage broker. Save yourself a bit of money if you can to use on really making that house everything you want it to be.

Use Paper

Paper can hide a whole host of imperfections. If the walls in your new home aren’t up to scratch, you could try using paper as a cheaper way to fix them up. You can always do the job properly at a later date when you have recouped some of the money you have spent on moving. There is plenty of inspiration to be found online.

Switching out textiles

If you don’t have the money to add colour using paint or wallpaper why not consider adding your personal touch through textiles? They don’t have to break the bank, especially if you buy second-hand but they can make a home feel instantly more welcoming.

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