Siblings // April 2019

The next instalment of Siblings already?! March flew past in a blur of school fancy dress days and sunshine. April has been less kind so far, with vomiting bugs and tired and extremely grumpy children. I’m hoping, as we enter the second week of the Easter Holidays, that everyone will cheer up a bit following some rest – because we have a very exciting second week planned.

This month’s photos were taken at our nearest local ‘green space’. We visit here almost daily for dog walks and adventures in the woods. Tabs is looking fairly shocked in these photos, which seems to be her go-to expression for these shoots! I think she’s rather perplexed as to why Busby and H-Bear are sitting next to her, grinning at Daddy dancing behind Mummy. To be honest, I don’t blame her!

Going forward, I’ve decided to do a little round-up of each child’s month in these posts. I’m hoping it will give the posts a little more structure… and hopefully stop me waffling!


Busby ended the term being top house point scorer, and also winning the ‘Mathematician of the Week’ award for solving a very tricky question that apparently even her teacher had to check. She also had an incredible parents evening report and we’ve booked her a rather exciting unicorn-related surprise for the end of this week!

Unfortunately, she succumbed to the sickness bug at the beginning of the month. It was her second ever time with a bug like this, and she was (understandably) not a happy bunny.


H-Bear has had a difficult month. The sickness bug got him the worst, as is often the case with his delicate tummy, so instead of bouncing straight back, he’s taken a while to recover. He’s also been fairly grumpy recently, but we think this may be down to the fact that he’s bored and is very ready to be starting school!

His love of Maths knows no bounds and we’ve been working through a Maths book for ages 5-7 years… He even beat Busby to an answer the other day, which did not go down well at all!

We find out where he’ll be going to school tomorrow… I’m so nervous! Academically he’s SO ready for school, but being June-born I’m not sure he’s emotionally there yet. He can’t wait though, and we’re hoping he’ll be going to the same school as Busby. She’s very excited about this – and says she can’t wait to play with him in the playground!


It’s been a great month of milestone reaching for Tabby. You can read all about it in her four month update. She absolutely adores her siblings, and getting her to nap whilst they’ve been on school holidays has been quite the challenge!

The rest of this month is fairly quiet on a Siblings front. (Other than the final week of the Easter holidays, which is very busy!) Tabs and I have some adventures planned just the two of us at the beginning of next month and I’m very excited to share those with you!


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