Tabby // 4 months

Four months later… And this month has been a blur of milestones!

Tabby has learnt how to roll and has started to sit up unsupported this month. I can’t quite believe my little baby is already at this stage, but she’s desperate to keep up with her siblings, so it looks like we have another determined, headstrong child on our hands. She absolutely adores tummy time, and will happily spend time rotating herself around the floor or in her cot.

Her eyes are still blue, but they have patches of brown in them, which gives them a golden effect. Nick thinks that they will eventually turn brown (fingers crossed! I’d love one of my children to have the same colouring as me), although I wonder whether she might have the same colour-changing eyes that Busby has.

Tabs is starting to take a real interest in our food; trying to grab things off us as we eat! She also knows exactly when her bottle is being made! We have no real plans to wean early this time, as we did with H-Bear (for medical reasons), but I wouldn’t be surprised if she starts trying things before the six month mark. I’m excited to wean this time round, as so far (*touch wood*) she hasn’t presented with any allergies, so it should be less of a worry!

Sleep is still a bit of an issue… She’ll only co-sleep at night, and sleep in the carrycot or sling during the day (although she will occasionally transfer into the Sleepyhead). I would love to try and nail cot-sleeping over the next month, but I’m not holding out much hope as she just laughs at me when I put her down, like it’s a big game! She definitely gets away with a lot more than the other two did…!

Tabby’s passport arrived a couple of days ago, which is very exciting! We’re off on a little adventure to France for work at the beginning of next month, and I’m going to be travelling alone with her! I’m quite nervous, but also really looking forward to a few days away with just her. One-on-one time is pretty rare at the moment, due to the school holidays and the awful bugs that everyone has been coming down with.

We’re also visiting family and friends in Sussex for a few days soon, and I can’t wait to introduce her to the homeland. Nick and I have some evening dinner plans, and she’ll be coming along too – we keep asking ourselves why we never did this with Busby, but I think we were so overwhelmed by parenthood (and she was in a routine by 12 weeks!) that we daren’t leave the house past 4pm!! It’s SO nice to feel relaxed – and in turn, us being more chilled out about everything has definitely made Tabs into a more relaxed baby. She’s such a happy little girl!


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