Siblings // May 2019

Once again, another month has flown by – I can’t believe it’s half term in just over 10 days. Where is time going?!

This month’s photos were taken at our local ‘green space’ again. The blossom and bluebells were out in full force, the sun was sparkling through the trees and the three of them were wearing matching outfits for our walk. It was Siblings Project goals. Unfortunately, H-Bear had a little meltdown because Busby held Tabby first, but hey, we’ve got to keep it real.

Last month, I decided that going forward, I would to do a little round-up of each child’s month in these posts. I’m hoping it will give the posts a little more structure… and hopefully stop me waffling!


It’s been another good month for Busby. Every weekend seems to be filled with school friend parties (she has a better social life than us!). The weeks are a blur of reading, French club, swimming and general school admin, but she’s still loving it. I can’t believe she’ll be in Year 2 from September! It goes so ridiculously quickly.


H-Bear got into the same school as Busby, which was a huge relief. The official letters have started arriving, with information about settling in sessions and school teacher visits. I can’t quite believe he’ll be gone for 5 days a week come September. Part of me is looking forward to it because he’s SO ready academically and gets super bored at home on the days where we don’t have plans, but the other part of me feels like my heart is breaking. Motherhood, hey?!

He seems to have adjusted more to having Tabby around this month. He’s been helping me feed her, and keeps asking why she only eats food in ‘threes’ (guess the brand of baby pouch!).


Tabby has had a month of travelling and adventures! She travelled so beautifully to France and we had a really lovely time away. You can read her full month update here.

She absolutely adores Busby, H-Bear and Bertie, and I think her favourite time of day now may well be dinner time when we all sit in the kitchen; the children eat and Tabs has some of her pouch, baby rice or banana.

Half term is looming on the horizon, and then June is filled with more birthdays – including H-Bear’s! I can’t believe he’s going to be four.


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  1. 17th May 2019 / 10:10 am

    Gorgeous photos, they all look full of fun and smiles. The starting school thing just whizzes round so quickly, doesn’t it? Sounds like he’ll love it x

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