Tabby // 5 months

Five months of Tabby! The past month has sped by in a blur of travelling and adventures.

We visited Sussex at the end of April, which was lovely because she finally met some of my favourite people. She came out for dinner with us A LOT and we had a really fantastic few days. I’d forgotten how easy life is with only one child… It was actually pretty relaxing!

The week after that, Tabs and I went to France for work. We stayed in the most beautiful manior near Limoges with a group of wonderfully creative women and their children. It was a lovely few days, and Tabby was a dream travelling (other than the predicted poonami on the plane just as we were coming into land in France). She slept the best she’s ever slept in the Premier Inn the night before our flight, so we’ll be moving into a Premier Inn for the foreseeable future. If only.

We started weaning the week after we returned from France. She had spent a large amount of time in France watching the other babies eat and trying to steal my food, so I thought it was probably time to begin. Oh my goodness, she LOVES food! Favourites so far have been peas, prunes and carrots. She’s not so keen on apples, unless they’re stirred into baby rice. However, we’re having a few days off from baby rice as she will eat bowls of it and it’s made her rather constipated, so everything in moderation.

We’ve also switched to Aptamil Reflux milk which has made a huge difference in the levels of sick. Prior to the switch, she was bringing at least a third to half a bottle up after every feed, and now we have a little brought back up, but we’re not going through 5 muslin squares a day and the washing pile is starting to look slightly less intimidating… Hurrah!

Tabby is absolutely fascinated with Bertie right now, and he’s definitely warmed to her; I can see them getting up to great mischief in the future.

Not much else to report this month. She’s loving sitting in the grass and exploring it with her hands, so fingers crossed this beautiful weather continues throughout summer so we can have lots of outside time.


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