Siblings // June 2019

Another month has flown by… and what a soggy month we’ve had! I took these photos on my Father-in-Law’s birthday, when the sun finally came out in the late afternoon. I think back to this time last year and the gorgeous summer we had. Sigh.

June has been pretty quiet so far, but it’s H-Bear’s birthday this weekend and everyone is very excited for his party! I’ve been cake planning for his dinosaur-themed celebration.

Continuing on with the little updates from the past couple of months:


It’s been another great month for Busby. Parties galore and she’s doing brilliantly at swimming! She’s also been chosen to be class ambassador for her school house next year, which is very exciting and a huge honour. We’ve been invited to attend an assembly in a few weeks when she’ll be receiving her special uniform for next year; we’re not usually allowed in assembly at Busby’s school so I’m really looking forward to that!


H-Bear has also had a fantastic academic month; winning the ‘Progress Award’ for his reading and writing at the end of last half term. We were able to attend his assembly and he looked so small up on the stage!

I still can’t believe he starts in Reception in September. His new teacher came round this morning to meet him, and she is ‘Miss Honey’ levels of lovely. I think he was rather taken with her and chatted happily away while I made tea.


Tabby has now had a couple of days away from Nick and I with grandparents (no sleepovers yet – I’m not sure anyone is quite ready for that!), and she’s adjusted marvellously. I’ve missed her desperately both times, but it’s good for her to have some time away.

She’s loving her food, and is proving to be quite the Yorkshire girl; absolutely adoring the (unseasoned!) Yorkshire puddings I made last week. Tabby’s full month update is here.

The summer holidays are swiftly approaching, and I’ve managed to fill most of the weeks now! I think the key is going to be keeping busy and getting outside as much as possible! I need to order our Wendy house for the garden (which was the children’s Christmas present last year… oops!), stock up the cupboards with snacks and locate the paddling pool. Fingers crossed the weather improves too!


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