Tabby // 6 months

Well, that was the quickest six months of my life…

There’s not too much to report this month; we haven’t done any exciting travelling like last month! It’s mostly been mundane day-to-day life. Lots of school runs! Half term was a lot less stressful than I envisaged, and Tabs loved having the other two around all week.

Tabby has had a big growth spurt over the past month – she seems absolutely huge now! It also seems like her hair grows every time she sleeps. Her hair is darker than Busby and H-Bear’s was at this point, so perhaps she’ll be a brunette and one of my children will have the same colouring as me… maybe?

She’s still loving her food, with carrots being a firm favourite. She also enjoys toast (I imagine it’s quite satisfying for her poor gums) and loves terrifying an unsuspecting Bertie with her water cup that she launches off the highchair without any notice!

Tabs is still toothless; little nubs keep popping up underneath and her gums look so full, so it can’t be much longer until one of them makes a bid for freedom.

She’s had one day with grandparents this month without me there (I was holed up in bed with a sickness bug) and she coped brilliantly! It was her first time without Nick or I around, and she had the best time. Although she wouldn’t look at either of us for 10 minutes when she got home because she was a little bit mad with us (Busby used to do the same after nursery… she wouldn’t make eye contact with me the whole walk home!).

I wonder what the next six months will bring. I predict crawling, cruising and chaos!


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