Siblings // July 2019

I’m a bit late with Siblings this month as it’s been so busy with end of term activities and general life. Quite honestly it’s been rather overwhelming, but it’s the first day of the summer holidays today, and I’m very much looking forward to six weeks with my gang… I’m also a little bit terrified! But hey, it will all be fine if we keep busy.

We’ve had such a lovely July so far! We were invited down to London with London Theatre to see Wicked a couple of weeks ago, which was a wonderful experience for Busby and H-Bear. I’ll be writing our trip up in the coming days, but we had so much fun. They loved staying in Premier Inn (our stay was kindly gifted) and loved the hotel breakfast even more! Tabby slept for most of the night too. She loves a Premier Inn; this is our second stay in one and she’s slept both times. I think that’s more than a coincidence.

This month’s photos were taken on a recent Beach Sunday trip to Skipsea. Skipsea is probably my favourite Yorkshire beach to visit at the moment because it’s a gorgeous walk down to the beach through the woods and countryside. The weather was a bit pants, but the children didn’t mind and we were joined by friends later for a picnic.

Continuing on with the individual updates:


Busby has now finished Year 1. I honestly don’t know where the past year has gone! She’s been chosen as the Year 2 ambassador for her school house next year, so we were invited along to a very special assembly this week to watch her be presented with her ambassador uniform. We’re not usually allowed in assemblies, so it was a very special moment. Busby’s teacher explained why she had been chosen and her kindness towards others seemed to be a huge reason. I’m so so proud of her. She loves school so much and I really hope Year 2 isn’t too daunting for her, as I understand it’s pretty intense.


H-Bear has now finished preschool, ahead of starting Reception in September. Saying goodbye to the school wasn’t as emotional as I thought it might be, but I think it’s because I know he’s going to thrive in the next stage – and also Tabby will be going there in a few years, so it’s not quite the end.

He has a lovely group of friends moving to his new school with him, and if his settling in sessions are anything to go by, he will be absolutely fine. More than fine. He’s going to love it and his teacher is so like ‘Miss Honey’ from Matilda, that I’ve almost called her that a couple of times instead of her actual name. I’m blaming baby brain…


What a month for our little Tabby cat. This month she’s learnt to wave, to crawl and has started pulling herself up on furniture. Her full month update is here. Apparently I only produce children who never stop moving. I can see why Nick isn’t keen on the idea of a fourth…

We’re off on holiday to Northumberland with grandparents soon with a cottage on the beach, so I’m very much looking forward to a few days of beach adventures with these guys! Fingers crossed it doesn’t rain!


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