Tabby // 7 months

This month has been a brilliant one in terms of development for Tabs.

Two teeth (bottom, front) have popped through, which means that she’s now shredding cucumber like a pro! I say ‘popped through’, what I really mean is that we had an entire day of grumbles and tears for the first one, and then two hours of non-stop screaming for the second one. I always forget how horrible teething is for them; it’s heartbreaking to watch. Thank goodness for teething granules and calpol!

Tabby has also started crawling this month! It began as a sort of ‘throw herself forward and pick herself back up’ method but she’s getting to grips with it now… especially when Bertie is around. He (and his toys) seem to be her motivation. I’m not sure he’s entirely convinced on this new development…

She is absolutely loving her food, and is gradually dropping most of her daytime bottles. We stayed in London last week, and she adored the breakfast! Croissants seemed to be a favourite… We also had our first roast dinner since weaning began, and she loved the Yorkshire puddings, broccoli and chicken. Houmous seems to be her favourite thing at the moment though.

Sleep still isn’t really happening. She’s very restless at night, which makes me wonder whether she might have a bit of a milk intolerance (H-Bear has CMPA, but she doesn’t seem to react as extremely as he did to milk, which makes me think intolerance rather than allergy). She’s been a bit happier/less gripey – and less refluxy – since we started cutting down on her formula. She will sleep infinitely better in a Premier Inn though, so I’ve said to Nick that I’ll be moving into one for the foreseeable future…

The summer holidays are just around the corner, and I think she’s going to massively enjoy having Busby and H-Bear around all the time. We’re off to the seaside for a few days, staying in a cottage on the beach, which will be lovely – and I’m hoping the weather is good enough for her first ‘paddle’ (toe dip!).


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