Siblings // August 2019

It’s been another lovely month with my three loons. The summer holidays have been a lot less stressful than I envisaged they’d be and the sibling dynamics are such a joy to watch. Busby and H-Bear are so good and patient with Tabby, and she absolutely adores them.

I always thought the third would be the chilled-out mediator of the group, but it looks like she’s going to be as crazy, cheeky and active as the other two! Tabby and H-Bear are going to be the two who get up to mischief together – they both have that cheeky ‘butter wouldn’t melt’ look about them when they know they’re doing something they shouldn’t. Whereas I think Tabby and Busby will be confidants – sharing secrets and playing together nicely, despite the 6 year age gap. Tabby is loving having them both home! It will be a huge change for her in September.

We had a wonderful week in Northumberland with grandparents. We spent most of the week on the (very quiet and beautiful) beach: rockpooling, building sandcastles and having picnics. The whole week was like living in a Famous Five adventure – absolutely glorious and so much fun! We even saw puffins!

Since then we’ve had some lovely playdates, the oldest two have stayed with grandparents for a couple of days (and Tabby joined them for a day when I was working) and we’ve had a few well-needed gentle days where we’ve pottered around the house doing crafts, and scooted into the village in search of treats for movie-afternoons.

Continuing on with the individual updates (they’re very mini this month):


Busby has lost both of her top two front teeth this month! It’s completely changing her face and she’s looking so grown-up.

She can often be found with her head in a book this holiday, and I think she’s enjoying having some down-time away from school.


H-Bear is definitely looking forward to returning to the routine of school life – and is very excited to be starting at Busby’s school!


Tabby has had a brilliant month again! You can read her full update here.

We’re off to visit family and friends in Sussex next week – and I’m braving the train with all three! Wish me luck!


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