Tabby // 8 months

Another wonderful month with Tabby! I can’t believe she’s going to be one in four months time… It’s all going so quickly.

Her crawling has sped up so much that she has now earned the deserving nickname ‘greased lightning’. She can usually be found crawling towards something she shouldn’t be; she loves the fireplace, Bertie’s basket, and any small (see also, chokeable) toys the other two have left lying around…

She is now pulling herself up onto everything she possibly can, and proudly standing there with a huge grin on her face. Cruising along furniture is not far off and then nothing will be safe!

This month hasn’t been great in terms of sleep, especially since returning from our holiday in Northumberland. Her top two teeth are on their way and she’s been waking up screaming most nights. It’s a good night if she manages a 3 hour stretch of sleep. But we will get there. “This too shall pass” on repeat…

We had an incredible holiday in Northumberland at the end of July with grandparents. Tabby had the best time; crawling in the sand, trying to eat the sand and having daily picnics in the sand. Sand featured highly… and frequently in her nappies.

Bananas, strawberries and blueberries are high up on the list of favourite foods. She also had her first taste of ice cream this month (which she LOVED). I don’t think she’s refused any food since we started weaning, and is quite happy to try anything and everything. Pasta is another big hit with her – and she loves houmous and falafel!

We’re off to Sussex in the next couple of weeks to visit family and friends – and I’m sure Tabby will have a wonderful time seeing everyone! She’s such a sociable baby, and loves nothing more than being surrounded by people.


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