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Our internet was switched off last week for a couple of hours in preparation for our service upgrade. It was my (extremely precious, once-weekly) working day, and I was thrust into a rather awkward, panicked state. I use the internet for pretty much everything in my workday; from emails to writing here on WordPress – even listening to music. So I took myself off for a walk and thought to myself: “woah! I need a break from technology!” I can’t believe how much of my life relies on it… and how helpless I felt when I didn’t have access to it.

I love the idea of a digital detox holiday. Getting away, leaving my phone behind (I’m not sure I could leave my camera though) and switching off from the world. Focusing fully on the children. Not worrying about posting on Instagram. Not thinking about anything other than which book I’m going to read next, or what local cuisine we’re going to try for dinner tonight.

Over the summer holidays I took a step in the right direction, and turned my emails off my phone on the days when I wasn’t working. This helped me stay focused on the children – and also helped my stress levels immensely. I’ve continued doing this now the children are back at school so I’m not distracted from Tabby, and it’s working well so far! Although I do find myself wishing I didn’t have to switch them back on… Oops!

I love this infographic from Opodo about planning a digital detox holiday… and I’m slightly terrified about the number of times per day that we use ours phones – (terrified, but not that surprised):

I think my dream destination would be Marrakech. The food is amazing, there are incredible colours everywhere (from buildings to markets – just think of the photos!), and being able to relax by a beautiful pool would definitely help with the digital detox!

Could/would you go on a digital detox holiday? Where would be your dream destination? Get more information about digital detoxing abroad with Opodo.


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