Parenthood // 5 Activities and Games That Will Teach Your Kids to Share

It’s perfectly normal for your young children to find it difficult to share. Baby Centre explains that children generally understand the concept of sharing when they reach the age of three. However, it will take a while before they are prepared to do it because they aren’t mature enough yet to resist their impulses. There are simple ways to help your children grow up to be generous adults, from setting a good example to praising them every time they successfully share. Additionally, here are some of the best activities and games that will teach your kids to share.

Show and tell

Cooperative games that consciously demonstrate sharing and the use of words and phrases like “share” and “your turn” can help your children grow up to be more generous. Show and tell, puzzles, and building blocks are a great way to encourage your children to listen to others and wait for their turn. Games like kicking a ball around together or taking turns on the swing, as recommended by The Huffington Post, are a great way to start. You can also organise play dates. It’s important that throughout the day, you give your children the opportunities to share. You can ask questions like “Do you want to share this sandwich?” “Shall we take turns playing?”

Board games

Some of the board games listed by the Independent feature classics like Scrabble, Chess, and Monopoly. All of these games will encourage your children to play together, wait for their turn, and keep their tempers in-check. Noughts and crosses, Pie Face, Pictionary, and Speech Breaker are great choices, too. Play is a great way to introduce important life lessons. After all, for toddlers, life is all about having fun and using their imagination. In our article ‘Making Time for Kids to Play’, we talked about the importance of including play in your routine. It’s a great way to connect with your children, get to know them better, and teach them important life lessons.

Charity events

Charity events are a great way to teach children compassion, generosity and sharing. Love to Know advises that charitable activities are great ways to teach kids to share and think of others. Doing charity work can teach your children that their actions can impact the people around them, sparking positive, caring traits. Save the Children’s Muddy Puddle Walk is a great fundraising activity to introduce them to. It not only allows your children to raise money for a wonderful cause, it also encourages them to explore the world around them and find out what life is like for children in other countries.


When you spend time with your children to work on your garden, you’re not only keeping them occupied and physically fit, you’re also passing on important life skills. Children who help out with gardening are found to be more confident and generous. When you start them young, they grow up as great team players. They’re more likely to communicate how they feel more clearly and they are also more inclined to share what they have without hesitation.

Declutter and donate

Encouraging your children to give away their old toys, clothes, and other things they no longer play with, teaches them the importance of letting go of things that no longer serve them. Although your toddlers may be too young to understand this importance, it’s still best to start them early so it becomes a part of their lives. Donating teaches your children the value of giving over receiving as well as being thankful for what they have.

*Written in conjunction with Sofia Connolly*

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