Siblings // September 2019

September. This month has been pretty momentous. H-Bear started school. Busby entered Year 2. And Tabby has started sleeping in her cot!

Everyone has settled back in routine fairly swiftly, and it’s now very quiet in the house with just Tabby to entertain.

This month’s photos were taken on Fraisthorpe beach last weekend. We had a lovely picnic and afternoon playing in the sand and sea. Busby and H-Bear ended up in the sea (standard), even though it was rather cold! And Tabby ate sand. Again. (I’m hoping she’ll learn soon…)

Continuing on with the individual updates:


Busby has lost another tooth this month! Her face is changing so much with the appearance of all her adult teeth.

She’s enjoying being back at school – although she’s very tired when she gets home and in the mornings. I think Year 2 is a massive leap and from what she’s been saying, it’s quite intense.

Nonetheless, she had a wonderful parents evening report from her teacher who is already very happy with her.


H-Bear is pretty tired; it’s taking some adjusting to being at school five days a week, but he’s really enjoying it. He’s been requesting homework and has a new reading book every night at the moment!!


You can find Tabby’s monthly update here. However, since writing the post she’s started sleeping in her own cot, and we’ve had a few nights now where she’s only woken up once or twice! It’s a miracle! We are very happy to have our bed back – although I do feel quite sad that our co-sleeping journey is over.

We’ve got a very exciting month ahead as we have family coming over to visit from Australia, as well as H-Bear’s parents evening, and the start of after school clubs.


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