Tabby // 9 months

9 months! She’s almost been out for as long as I baked her… how crazy is that? Time is going SO quickly!

As well as crawling extremely quickly, she’s now cruising along everything. She’s also starting to try standing unaided, which isn’t fair in the slightest because she’s still so tiny! Where is my baby going??

Her biggest achievement this month is climbing the stairs. She is SO happy now that she has conquered the stair mountain, and every time I turn my back she’s gone and halfway up them!

No more teeth have appeared this month, although her top ones are so close to breaking through.

Sleep is still a massive issue and seems to be getting worse. We’ve decided to take her to a chiropractor and possibly take her for a private allergy testing (the NHS waiting list for one is months long) as there’s obviously something not quite right. We think she had a reaction to egg last week, which makes me wonder whether she may have a few allergies (hence the testing). She’s very happy during the day though, so they don’t seem to be as severe as H-Bear’s (a big relief), but it’s still worth knowing where we stand.

Tabby has started spending one day a week with her grandparents so I can work, which has been such a help and she loves her day with them!

Avocado is a firm favourite food this month, as is pasta. She adores houmous and strawberries, and loves a flapjack. Another reason why I wonder if she has a milk allergy is because the only food she’s refused so far is cheese! She took one bite and spat it out, but will eat H-Bear’s dairy-free cheese by the handful.

I’m really hoping I’ll be able to say “she slept through the night!” in my next update… *laughs manically and sips tenth coffee of the day*


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