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If you are lucky enough to have a large garden, then you may be wanting to make the most of it. Many houses that come with simply acres of land can afford to add small lakes, impressive features, and maybe even some new buildings. There’s something to be said for a wide expanse of space, with only a charming oak tree and tyre swing to look at, but when you have so much space on your hands, it would be a shame not to make the most of it.

A small lake

If you enjoy rowing, fishing, or spending time on the water, a small lake could be a great way to make the most of a lot of garden space. Broadening out a space of water to a much bigger size gives you plenty of room to add larger plants and attract wildlife to it. You can easily find lake equipment online, so there’s no need to worry about being caught out by the technical details.

A maze

If you can afford to do so, a well-manicured maze could be a stylish feature to add to your garden. It doesn’t have to be composed of towering bushes that keep you guessing as to your whereabouts, but instead, you could add a shallower variety that adds geometric form to your garden. Don’t be afraid to add this to the centre, either. With an ample garden space, you can afford to draw the eye to the middle, as the area around the edges will still give a sense of scale.

A garden bar

If you’ve got the space to play with, you may as well have some fun. Adding a garden bar is a creative way to host any guests you may have. It makes for the perfect party space during the warmer months; or even during a chilly evening or two. Adding storage for stools, tables and chairs mean the drinks can start pouring at a moment’s notice.

Add levels

If you have a large plot of land that’s pleasing on the eye but isn’t very exciting to look at, then adding levels could help spice it up. Adding a veranda or various platforms to your garden will provide you with garden beds to add flowers and other features too. You could even add a cascading waterfall to the levels if you so desire.


Smaller gardens can cope with a vegetable patch or two, but a more extensive stretch of land could be home to an allotment. This is particularly cheering if you happen to be an avid cook, especially one who loves seasonal fruit and vegetables. Many famous TV chefs have their own allotment and for good reasons. Being able to fetch your own root vegetables and seasonal varieties has its own special appeal.

If you have an extended stretch of land protruding from the back of your home, you have many options to play with. Whether you want it to be purely functional, or become a space for entertaining, be sure to use it as a space that is useful to your interests and desires.

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