Parenthood // Lessons You Should Teach Your Child Before 10

Raising children is one of the craziest, but most rewarding challenges of your life. When it comes to raising a child who is smart, open-minded, and kind: there are lessons that as a parent you should teach them from an early age.

Whether you are looking to show our child skills such as building a mind map (, showing them how to wallpaper a wall, or teaching them about finances, there are many things to learn. Today we are taking a look at just some of the things you should teach your child before they turn 10.

1. Laundry

As your kids grow up and reach college age, there are some key skills they need to learn before they head off on their own. Unless you want them coming home every week for laundry service, it is important for you to teach them how to use the washing machine, how to hang clothes to dry, and how to use a tumble dryer. It is best to teach this to your child while they are young because they are more likely to view the chore as a game, and this will get them used to the job as they grow older. It will allow them to help you around the house from a young age.

2. Planting a Seedling

Although this might not seem like an important lesson, it teaches children about life and about nature. A great way to teach your child to plant a flower is to source some seeds and a fibre pot, and allow your child to plant and germinate a seed in the house for a few weeks. Once the sprout is large and roots show through, you can allow your child to plan it in the garden. This is a great way to teach your child about plant life and get them interested in the natural world.

3. Wrap a Present

One of the handy tips you can teach your child while they are young is how to wrap a present. This is one of those skills everyone uses in their life, and it seems like something everyone should automatically know how to do. As the festive season approaches, allow your child to pick some gifts for friends or family, and then show them how to securely and neatly wrap a gift.

4. Hammering a Nail

One of the essential life skills that every adult needs is DIY know-how. As we grow up and move into our first property, it is super important for us to know how to carry out simple tasks such as changing a lightbulb or a plug. The easiest skill to teach a young child is how to hammer a nail into wood. Give your child a small hammer and show them how to GENTLY hammer a nail into a piece of wood. This is a super simple tip and will be something your child can carry with them later.

5. Cook a meal

Cooking is the most important skill for any child to learn in their lifetime. If you want your child to grow and be able to look after themselves in college and beyond you need to teach them how to cook a few simple meals. The easiest things to teach a child to make are foods such as pizza and bread, boiling pasta or rice, and making a simple tomato soup. When teaching a child how to cook be sure to supervise at all times and don’t let them use a sharp knife just yet. They can learn that when they are older!

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