Tabby // 10 months

10 months! Oh goodness… I can’t believe she’s going to be one in two months *sob*

Well first and foremost this month, the sleep issue is sort of resolved. Almost. Tabby now sleeps in her cot for some of the night, and we’ve had a handful of nights with only one wake-up! We’ve (mostly) got our evenings back and I feel like the life/baby/relationship equilibrium is improving.

Food-wise, she had another reaction to egg last week so we’ve now cut that out, as well as milk and soya. She seems a lot happier without milk and soya in her diet, which is a relief. I feel a lot more relaxed regarding allergies this time round – with H-Bear it was all so new and intimidating, but with the rise of veganism (thank you vegans of the world!) it’s so easy to find things she can eat.

She still adores avocado, pasta and strawberries. She’s also rather keen on H-Bear’s dairy-free cheese, and will happily eat a slice of it while I get dinner ready. Cucumber is still a huge favourite, and I’ve just introduced coconut yoghurt which she LOVES!

We’ve had a few words from her this month! She picked up a book and exclaimed “gook!” at me, then she mastered “Mama” and now on every single school run all she says is “og!” whilst pointing out the various dogs on our journey.  We’ve also had “iss” for “kiss” and sometimes “og” sounds more like “ug” when she launches herself at us for a hug.

One of her top teeth finally broke through this month, and the one next to it is on the way! Her face is changing so much with every new tooth and she’s really looking like such a combination of the other too.

Tabby is a total menace, and never stops crawling and cruising around, causing mischief wherever she ends up. Bags are being emptied, stairs conquered and toys chewed and thrown about. I’d completely forgotten about this chaotic, ‘can’t take your eyes off them’ stage! She has so much character (that’s what I keep reassuring myself with “it’s all character!”) and, despite being very cheeky, is such a joy.


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