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Being a parent is a constant balancing act. I often talk about the juggle struggle in relation to working and parenting, but there are so many other factors to balance: sustainability vs affordability, is a good example.

We are all trying to do our part for the world – and for future generations. As a family, we’ve almost cut dairy out at home, as well as having more meat-free meals during the week. But one thing I’m trying to be more conscious of is the environmental impact of using wipes.

Realistically, I just don’t have the extra time (and space in the washing pile with three children) to completely move over to reusable wipes, so I’m always on the hunt for brands who are biodegradable and/or recyclable. I’m so happy to see that the bigger (and therefore more affordable) brands are now taking steps in the right direction towards becoming plastic-free and more environmentally friendly.

Huggies Wipes already contain up to 50% less plastic than other leading brands, but their goal is to make a wipe that’s 100% plastic free, with packaging that’s able to go in your home recycling bin.

Huggies has launched its Tiniest Footprint Mission and has pledged a five year plan. By the end of 2019, it will have already removed a whole lorry load of plastic from their Extra Care wipes range!

So… How can we help Huggies wipes on its Tiniest Footprint Mission?

    1. Check out the Huggies Wipes site! There’s a whole section on the website about how you can support the mission, including links to local recycling facilities who will take their current and future packaging. (Link to website)
    2. Join me in switching to Huggies from other leading baby wipe brands and save up to 63 bottles per year worth of plastic – that’s a huge amount!

The Tiniest Footprint Mission is definitely a step in the right direction for affordable, accessible, environmentally-friendly baby wipes. I love using Huggies Wipes on Tabby, so I’m happy to see them become more environmentally-friendly.

There’s a brilliant competition happening over on Instagram to win one month’s supply of Huggies wipes. You can find the full T&Cs here.


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*Paid post written in collaboration with Huggies® Wipes. All views and opinions expressed in this post are my own.*

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  1. Marianne
    19th November 2019 / 2:15 pm

    The name of their movement is beyond adorable, and it is very noble that they’re trying to make this world a better/healthier place for our little ones <3

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