Siblings // November 2019

November! Siblings is a bit late this month as the weather has been fairly awful and life has been busy. The school parties have begun and seem to be every weekend now until Christmas!

Other than that, not much has happened in the past month. We’ve had half term, which was a tale of two halves – and I was very glad when Nick decided to take some annual leave after being away for a couple of days with work. Three is wonderful and glorious and there’s SO much love, but when the routine isn’t there, it’s noisy and rather exhausting being pulled in so many different directions.

This month’s photos were taken in our local green space during our dog walk today. I love this area so much, and always feel so very lucky to have it on our doorstep. The grounds are perfect for adventures, and having somewhere decent to explore within a ten minute walk is always greatly appreciated on ‘those’ days when everyone is more than a little fractious.

Continuing on with the individual updates:


Busby has become rather obsessed with ‘My Little Pony’ this month! I can see her birthday presents being mostly ‘My Little Pony’ themed… She’s also had her haircut into a bob again, which she loves (as do I)!

She played football in an inter-school competition last week and had a great time.


We got the wonderful news that H-Bear will be playing the donkey in his nativity next month. I predicted this two years ago because it’s the role that’s on stage most of the time (so less time on the side of the stage waiting… or getting bored!). He has one line and I will cry.


Sleep is still up and down with this munchkin. You can read her full update here.

Lots of exciting things are happening over the next month as we start ramping up towards Christmas. We’re off to see the big FC at the end of the month, and then it’s Tabby’s first birthday! Eek! How has a year passed since I was waddling around wondering when she’d arrive?


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