Tabby // 11 months

One month until this monkey turns one… Where has that time gone?

This month hasn’t been the best. Tabby had a nasty cold that went on and on for a few weeks (thank you soft play) and since then her sleeping has been getting progressively worse and worse. We haven’t really slept for a fortnight, so she’s going for a sleepover with her grandparents tonight so we can have a little respite from waking up every 30 minutes. I don’t really know what’s going on, but I reckon we’ll get a text from Nick’s parents tomorrow morning saying “She slept through!” because that would be very typical of this cheeky face!

Tabby went swimming for the first time this month and absolutely loved it, so I’m hoping I can start taking her weekly. She did really well kicking, and adored being in the water… and best of all, she napped for two hours afterwards – which is unheard of at the moment.

Blueberries have been a huge favourite food this month – in fact, that’s all she’s really wanted to eat! She also enjoyed the sausages on ‘Nickfire Night’.

She’s still cruising around the house like a pro, and we’ve had a few more instances of standing independently. She LOVES walking round the house using our hands to keep herself upright – and also has been utilising the walker lots.

Tabby has also learnt how to reverse down the stairs this month.

She loves the word “hiya!” and will try and catch the eyes of everyone when we’re out and about, just so she can loudly exclaim “HIYA!” at them.

I’m definitely still her favourite person, although she absolutely adores her grand father and will seek him out when she knows he’s around. She also favours H-Bear and I love watching their friendship blossom. Tabby thinks he’s hilarious – and he enjoys the attention (and laughter) immensely.

I can’t believe I’ll be writing her one year update next month. She’s changing daily – and just look at all that beautiful hair she’s growing!


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