Christmas // All I want for Christmas is…

I can’t believe there are only 22 days left until Christmas. Our home is looking rather sad and un-festive right now thanks to the illnesses that have been sweeping through our house for the past three weeks. The kids haven’t even got an advent calendar yet as we haven’t felt well enough to venture into the loft.

Through the haze of snot and sleep deprivation, Instagram is making me feel like a bad mother. But I know we’ll get round to it – and as I’ve told Busby and H-Bear: they’ll have the missed days sweets to catch up on!

I have done lots of my Christmas shopping – and I’m very happy about this. Both Tabby and Busby are born in the 10 days before Christmas, so it’s a busy couple of weeks before we even get to the C-word. I’m still yet to write my list for Father Christmas though, so I thought I’d pop a few ideas down now while I’m lying in bed, feeling rotten, waiting for this awful cold to finally pass.


Do you think Father Christmas could teach Tabby to sleep? Is that a service he provides? She had a stint this week where she slept for two nights in a row, but that was because she wasn’t very well. So if Father Christmas could maybe give her a few lessons? Or sprinkle some fairy dust? That would be hugely appreciated.

A Horse

This has been on my Christmas list since I was 5. And never have I received an actual real life horse… My mum’s loft and garage are still full to the brim with the toy horses and ponies from every Christmas and birthday, but never have I woken up to the sound of whinnying on Christmas Day morning. Spillers are Horse Feed Suppliers, and through my many years of visiting Hickstead and reading every horse and pony magazine under the sun, they would be my go-to if I am ever fortunate enough to have my own horse. (Keep dreaming Hannah)

More sleep…

Please. Perhaps a night nanny?

A Spa Day/Weekend/Week

Mostly to sleep. And be massaged. And to swim. And to be able to pee alone… and not share my food with anyone. And sleep. Imagine how many books I’d be able to get through?


My reading list is very long at the moment. I set myself (a rather foolish and optimistic) reading challenge at the beginning of the year to read 52 books by New Years Eve. “But you had a baby just before 2019 began – WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?” I hear you cry. I know. I know. Anyway, I’m 43 books in, with 4 weeks to go. Realistically I’m not going to hit 52 books (unless this cold makes me stay in bed for the next 4 weeks), so I’ve started adding books to next year’s list. I love a good dystopian novel (although can’t read too many of them because it starts to get scary how close they blur with reality), so ‘The Children of Men’, ‘Gather the Daughters’ and ‘Woman on the Edge of Time’ are on there. As well as a few chart toppers like ‘The Colour of Bee Larkham’s Murder’.

What’s on your Christmas wishlist?


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