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TKMaxx is my destination shop for all manner of presents; from birthdays to Christmas, I can always guarantee that I will find the perfect gift for whomever I’m buying for and for every occasion. Since the children have started school, I find myself in there almost-weekly buying for the birthdays of school friends, and more recently for stocking fillers for all the family!

Last week, TKMaxx challenged me to find as many gifts as I could for £50. This is the kind of challenge that I LOVE and I had so much fun browsing the Hull store for the perfect presents – I could easily spend all day in there. Shopping in TKMaxx is a little like treasuring hunting – and who doesn’t love a treasure hunt?

Busby and Tabby’s birthdays are both just before Christmas, so (understandably) I am always on the hunt for great value gifts around this time of year. I found some wonderful presents, which I know they’re going to love.

We are all book lovers in our house, so I headed straight to the children’s book section on my visit last week. Busby is getting to the age now where she wants to read more than the picture books we have in abundance, and I was happy to see some amazing young reader book bundles. I found a collection of unicorn books that I know she’s going to love. I also found her a unicorn colouring book, which will be going in her stocking.

Tabby is also really into books (“gook” was her first word!), and I found a couple of beautiful ‘lift the flap’ board books which were extremely reasonably priced.

Both H-Bear and Busby are enjoying colouring at the moment, and I found two lovely colouring ‘books’ which contain postcards you can pull out and use/send. I’m creating ‘explorer bags’ for all three children for Christmas – and I think these are the perfect addition to the bags as they have a nature theme.

I had already done a fair amount of my ‘Busby’ Christmas/birthday shopping in TKMaxx a couple of weeks ago (buying most of the ‘famous’ toy ponies I could find!), but I managed to find Tabby her very own pony on wheels which will be going in her stocking. I think she’s going to be over the moon to join in playing ponies with her big sister.

I love the pet section in TKMaxx – there’s so much choice in our local store. I found Bertie (our crazy cockapoo) this AMAZING hat (pictured) which will be featuring in all Christmas themed photos from now on, and a bone for his own stocking – because Father Christmas can’t possibly leave him out.

That £50 is going a long way – and I’ve not finished yet!

I always buy Nick a festive pair of socks or two for his stocking – and I loved how fun these ones were. I also bought myself a very cosy pair to go in my stocking; I can’t resist a pompom.

Finally, I found a tray for Tabby’s highchair. I love compartment trays like these for our ‘bits and pieces’ dinners – and this one will be going in her stocking (I love how unisex it is). And then a mug for myself, because I’m not sure it’s possible to go into TKMaxx without buying either a mug or a notebook (or often – both). This will be featuring heavily on my Instagram feed over the next month!

Writing this post, I actually can’t believe how much I managed to find for £50. Oh, and in the interest of disclosure – I bought the tablecloth Bertie is lying on from TKMaxx too (separate to the £50). We’re hosting Christmas this year and I cannot wait to make the table look beautiful.

With always up to 60% less than RRP in store and online, TKMaxx is a wonderful place to browse and shop for the perfect gift… or just to buy a collection of mugs and notebooks for yourself.


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*Paid post written in collaboration with TKMaxx. All views and opinions expressed in this post are my own.*

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