Motherhood // 3 Ways for New Mums to Take the Stress out of Christmas

It’s easy to see why people describe the day their children were born as the happiest of their lives – after all, parenthood can be a huge blessing. But let’s be honest, becoming a new mum is far from easy, especially at this time of year (I know from experience! I’ve done it twice in December!). Luckily, there are ways to take the stress out of Christmas for those with a newborn in tow.

Let’s explore the top three…

Shop for presents online

Christmas shopping can be stressful for anyone – but it’s often particularly so for new mums. After all, who wants to traipse around stores with a tiny baby? If the thought of long queues and indecision doesn’t appeal to you, why not buy your presents online? That way, you can shop at a pace that suits you, while being able to tend to your baby in the safety and comfort of your home. And of course, if you order online, you can enjoy the simplicity of parcel delivery to your front door. What could be better?

Plan the day around feeds

Will you be taking on the brave task of hosting Christmas this year? Or has it just fallen into your hands somehow? Either way, there’s no need to worry. You’ll obviously need to plan the day around your newborn baby, as your guests will no doubt understand. So, how about scheduling your meal preparation around your little one’s feeding times? Better still, you could invite your guests over early on Christmas day to help with the cooking. You’ll likely find that they offer to cook for you – whether you take them up on the offer is up to you, of course!
If you’d like to feed in private, don’t be afraid to disappear upstairs to nurse your newborn.

Ask for help

It may be delicious, but a roast dinner is rarely fun to clean up – and can you picture yourself wanting to wash up large pans and a mountain of plates with a newborn baby by your side? If the answer’s no, you’re most definitely not alone. There is a solution, though: ask for help. Involve the whole family in helping with the wash up – Grandad in the sink, Granny with a tea towel and Aunts and Uncles on dishwasher duty. Even get Dad to cook (he does in our house – and he loves it).

You’ve just had a baby! Everyone should be falling over themselves to help.

Christmas doesn’t have to be a stressful time for new mums. Follow our top tips, and you and your newborn can both enjoy a relaxing holiday.

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