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Who better to give parenting advice and illuminate the realities of parenting than you? A mum! Being a parent certainly has its ups and downs, and with a large percentage of parents feeling isolated, nervous and worried that they’re not doing a good enough job, a parenting blog can certainly be seen as a beacon of hope and comfort for those struggling with the pressure of parenthood.

Parenting blogs are hugely popular, and even though every family situation is different, there will always be areas of your life that are hugely relatable to other parents. Whether you’re a mum of three, a mum of just boys, just girls, twins or even triplets, the parent of a disabled child, or even someone who is going through IVF or the adoption process. Knowing that people can come to your blog for comfort and advice is a great feeling. So, what do you need to get started as a mummy blogger?

Read on to find out more.

The right writing tools

A word processor is one thing, but if you want your blog to read well, and have a good SEO rating then it needs to be error and plagiarism free. A good plagiarism tool is essential for any blogger who is just starting out and who wants to get to grips with high-quality writing. It allows you to build on your paraphrasing skills and also prove that your work is your own.


We’ve already established that you’re a busy parent and if you’re also working a full-time job, finding additional time to write and maintain an online blog can seem a little daunting. This is where motivation comes in. Ask yourself why you want to start this blog?

  • For the money?
  • Fame?
  • The opportunity to help others?
  • To improve your writing skills and future employability?

Whatever your reasoning might be, always keep this in mind when you’re worried you don’t have the time, or you won’t make it.

A niche

A general parenting blog is great, but you may find your audience waning if you can’t commit to a particular subject or a complete lack of audience if your subject is too specific. Consider what you know the most about. Kids fashion? Saving money on food and kid essentials? What about family holidays? Or as mentioned above, having twins, triplets or going through an adoption process?

Sensible expectations

Creating a blog that earns you money and helps you achieve your blogging goals will take time! So try not to feel disheartened if things are a little slow in the beginning – I’ve been blogging for almost 8 years now and it’s been such a huge part of my life.

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