Motherhood // Fun and Cheap Ways to Treat Your Kids This Summer

Whether you are rewarding your kids for a year of hard work or are planning to celebrate a birthday throughout the summer months, you don’t have to splash out loads of cash in order to treat your kids. Instead of investing in an expensive games console or the trendiest toy, here are some fun and cheap treat ideas that can make the long summer days special.

Decorate Their Room

As your child gets older, they may begin to outgrow the décor of their bedroom and long for more mature interior design. As a special treat, why not allow your child to design their own room, or surprise them with a bedroom makeover when they return home from school? A great idea is to theme the room around their favourite film or television show. If you need paints and DIY essentials for this project, Savoo can help you to decorate your children’s bedroom for less with its range of B&Q discount codes.

Get a Takeaway

However delicious your home cooking is, it is inevitable that your child will be desperate for a greasy pizza or salty fries at some point during their younger years. Getting a takeaway can be a great way to break your routine, and you can use this as an excellent ploy to spend more time together by pairing it with a movie or games night. Takeaways are also much cheaper than visiting a local restaurant, and you can save money on them by ordering in bulk, or by opting for collection.

Give Them a Later Bedtime

Bedtime is often a source of contention between you and your child. However, when school seems like a faraway dream and the sky stays light for longer, there is often no harm in giving them an extra hour or two before bedtime to watch their favourite TV show, read the next chapter, or to play an extra match on their video game.

Allow Them to Have More Electronics Time

It is healthy to limit your children’s screen time as they grow older, if only to stop them from putting off their school work. If you limit their screen time on a daily basis, you should consider allowing them to have access to their electronics for a longer period every so often, especially if they speak to their friends online or enjoy digital hobbies.

Go on a Fun Trip

The most traditional rewards are often the best, and there is no better way to treat your child than to go on a fun trip with them. Social distancing is going to put a spanner in the works for a fair few activities this summer (and visiting a theme park can be costly), but there are many cheap alternatives, such as visiting a National Park, going to a free cinema or outdoor theatre event, or going on a picnic. There are also many activities that you can only do during the summer, such as water sports, that can make the perfect treat for your kids.

Spend Time Together

However, the best way to reward your child is to spend time together, uninterrupted by work or other commitments. You could spend this quality time trying new things and setting up fun activities, such as making a treasure hunt around your home or a DIY spa day, or simply enjoying the activities that both you and your child love.

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