Motherhood // Summer Prep As A Mum – Making The Most Of These Last Few Weeks

We’re in the midst of summer is here, and as a mum this can send us into overdrive. Especially after the last few months we have all been through. The summer holidays can be a mix of enjoying it with family, days out (socially distanced now) and getting organised for September. After all, many mums say that September is a bit like new year. However, what can you do to prepare and enjoy these last few weeks before school hopefully returns? Here are some suggestions.

Organisation is key

One of the things to do is to get organised and to start preparing for September. There is no denying that it is all going to look and feel a lot different when all of the children return to school. Here is what you can do.

Getting the kids organised for school

Start buying the uniform now. It might be worth it because you may need to consider buying it online rather than having to go to the shop. With only a few weeks to go now you can factor in growth and ensure that you buy the right size. You might even need to think about other things such as an eye appointment and then ordering new glasses where you can visit website online so that school work will be easier. Doing this now means one less thing to stress about as we approach September and gives you a chance to enjoy these last few weeks instead.

Plan days out or socially distanced play dates

Your children may not have seen their friends for months, so it might be worth organising a few socially distanced play dates ahead of their return. This can help peak the excitement early, and allow them to embrace school starting without any anxiety or overload of excitement about seeing friends. There will be a lot to process on the day, so it could be a great way to ease them back into normal life.

Start the home learning again

You may be thinking the last thing you want to be doing is homeschooling, but it might be worth getting out a few exercises and books and doing a little before heading back into school. This year is going to be tough for all children as they play catch up on what they missed, so get their brain working again so that they are used to it.

Don’t forget your sun cream

Finally, don’t forget the sun cream for them as well as yourself. A great tip would be to apply it first thing before you all get dressed. Just remember to add a bit to your arms throughout the day.

Making the most of the good weather for yourself

The next thing to think about is making the most of these last few weeks for you. Many of us have gotten into this comfort routine of staying home, and that may have had an effect on how you dress and present yourself. Why not embrace these last few weeks and enjoy the summer for you as well?

Make the most of naptime

Sit in the garden. Drink some (well-needed) caffeine. Feel the sun on your face. Enjoy the peace!

Get your makeup essentials sorted

You may not want to wear a full face of makeup, but you might prefer something on your face. So now is the time to consider your makeup essentials for the summer months. A good investment would be a decent BB cream which is a light base. Some even have added SPF protection which is a great bonus. You could add a little bronzer to your cheeks for some definition, and you will be good to go. Don’t forget the waterproof mascara. You don’t want panda eyes while dealing with a paddling pool or sweaty situation.

Dungarees will be your go to clothing

Dungarees can be rolled up at the bottom and teamed with a variety of different tops, to keep you looking super stylish. The baggier the better to keep you cool! Dungarees are very easy to put on and looks great with some flip flops or a pair of cotton flats. Casual, but still looking good.

Let’s hope this guide gets you enjoying these last few weeks of summer before autumn and school starts.

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