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As a full-time blogger, writing is your passion and the only way you can continue to pursue your professional writing career is by getting paid on time. And the only way you can guarantee you’ll be paid at all is by sending out invoices every month to clients and vendors who’ve used your services.

It’s a slow and boring task, but it has to be done. Worryingly, many small businesses, including freelance writers and bloggers, struggle to understand the importance of a clear, concise payment strategy. It’s this lack of knowledge that makes getting paid much more complicated and your invoices and accounts much harder to manage. To stop you falling into a trap of financial confusion, let’s explore how you can manage your invoices as a professional blogger.

Use reliable invoicing tools

If you’ve never created invoices before then it’s easy to feel confused or to make a mistake that leads to you not getting paid the right amount on time. Even if you’ve been sending out invoices for several months, ask yourself if they could look a little more professional, or if they have all the relevant information on them. Using reliable invoice templates for your business is a much better option than creating your own from scratch.

Additionally, if you’ve had a particularly successful month, then the task of drafting hundreds of invoices is frustrating and takes time away from your hectic writing schedule. By using accurate and customisable invoice templates, you can have your invoices created and sent within minutes.

Keep everything online

Of course, having paper copies of everything is a good idea. However, if you want to manage your invoices and your payments effectively then you should consider having everything online. Online accounting software makes running your blog and your business much easier. Everything is stored securely online and you can quickly locate missing payments or invoices to reference. Sifting through mountains of invoices is a waste of time, money and resources!

Send your invoice to the right place

You might be speaking with a client directly and discussing the type of content they want, but do you know who you should be sending your invoices to? Who deals with the payments and finances in their operation? Before you complete work for anyone, make sure you know who or where you need to send your invoices to. It’ll make getting paid on time much easier!

Set clear terms

A good invoice is one thing, but if your client doesn’t think it needs to be paid until the entire project is completed several months down the line then you could be in a tricky situation. Setting out clear payment terms is essential within any business dealings. Make sure you state your payment terms clearly before you complete any work.

Additionally, as part of good invoice management, consider including these payment terms on your invoice so they cannot be overlooked or forgotten about!

Final thoughts…

Invoicing is difficult for beginners to get right, however, investing in invoicing templates and software will certainly make your blogging career much smoother and easier to manage.

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