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Researching your family history is a fun hobby, and a great way to get to know more about yourself and your family. A lot of people use genealogy websites to learn about their ancestors, but you can also take a more personal approach to finding out about your family history. If you enjoy photography or even just looking at photographs, it can be a great way to put together a family history that you can share with others. Whether you create a physical album or scrapbook or you put together something digital, here are some tips for putting photos to good use.

Collect Old and Existing Photos

A good place to start if you’re creating a visual family history or timeline is with any existing photos. You might have some photos of your own, maybe that you’ve taken or that have been handed down to you. You can also ask other people in your family if they have photos that you can have or that you can scan or copy so that you have copies of your own. These photos can tell you more about your family and give you clues as to their history too. You might want to ask for help identifying some people and places in older photos.

Visit Important Places

If you’d like some more photos to add to your collection, you can do more than simply taking more of your current family. Another idea is to visit some important places and take some photos. Even if the people no longer exist, there are places that can form part of your family tree. Whether you capture houses that your family lived in or headstones for family members who are no longer alive, they can be used to create your family history. Go on a fact-finding mission and include places as well as people in your project.

Create a Family Tree

Your photos can be used to put together a visual family tree. Instead of just having names with birth, marriage and death dates, you can use your photos to add visual context. Not only will it look good, but it will be easier to find a specific person if you want to check any information or show someone else what you’re doing. You could do this digitally or you could create something on paper if you prefer. Just scan any older photos if you want to make them digital.

Put Together an Album or Scrapbook

As well as an organised family tree or timeline, you might want to take a slightly more creative approach to using your photographs. Creating a scrapbook or a photo album could give you the freedom to create more of a narrative and add some more personal details and even stories to your family history. You could add in other things too, like newspaper clippings or any other relevant details that can bring your project to life.

From finding family photos to taking your own photos, photographs can enhance your family tree and history and make it a lot more fun to look at.

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