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Children don’t always know what they want. And if they do state their desires, these are subject to change quite quickly after they have been spoken. That’s a hefty problem to solve. What’s worse is, they lack the vocabulary and the all-round life experience to work with you when it comes to giving their room a makeover. You have to second-guess everything. Will a new chair cause upset? Are the new curtains you’ve picked out likely to inspire a tantrum? It’s always tense whenever you introduce so much as a new pillow-case without permission.

What you need are some solid makeover ideas that can’t go wrong. Let’s get to it.

Photo Collages

A photo collage (find out more by clicking the link) can be a superb addition to any room – but beware, the images you choose must be that of your child, or at least related to their interests in some way. Why? There’s a little bit of psychology to understand.

Any child psychologist will tell you that one of the stages of early childhood involves developing ‘object permanence’. That’s where the brain realises things don’t cease to exist just because you can’t see them anymore, and that mummy really has just gone into the next room and will come back. Ever see a child instantly cry when turned to face away and can’t see a parent? That’s a lack of object permanence.

The only thing that young children know to exist is themselves. Everything else pops out of existence the moment they can’t see it. Having a print of something that is anything but your child on the wall will mean nothing to them. Choose the best ‘jumping in a puddle’ photo of them from your library and print away.

Create a Den

Children love dens. Why not make one part of your makeover?

Kids are no different to adults when it comes to the personal sense of satisfaction that comes with walking through a door marked ‘private’. A simple tipi style den set up in the corner of the room with a ‘no parents allowed’ sign pinned to the outside should do the trick.

You’ll also likely need a small stool and a table on which to do some colouring-in to complete your child’s new ‘home away from bedroom’.

Entertainment Centre

Call it an entertainment centre. Call it a shelving unit. Call it a glorified TV stand. The name doesn’t matter. Whatever you call the thing, you need one.

Children love to bring order to their lives. They like having a toy box at the end of their bed where only their favourite toys live. They like keeping jewellery boxes and money boxes stashed away where they can store the day’s plunder (even if this afternoon’s treasure amounts to a twig and a pebble from the garden).

Shelving units raise up all of your child’s possessions to eye level. They can see everything they own. They can fetch things down, put them back, move them to a different shelf, and repeat to their heart’s content. You’d be surprised how much fun a child can muster from something as simple as cubby holes for their belongings.

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