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We all have to do our bit to protect the environment, and more people than ever before are making little changes to their daily lives in the hope of making a difference. Thankfully, if you’ve made a new year’s resolution to lead a more sustainable lifestyle, then you’ll be pleased to hear that it’s not a promise that’s difficult to keep.

In fact, leading an eco-conscious lifestyle is getting easier, whether it’s shopping more responsibly and making informed choices or effectively reducing our energy consumption, there are dozens of ways you and your family can do your bit for the environment. Read on to discover how to make 2021 your most sustainable year yet.

Make the switch to LED bulbs

LED lighting solutions, like these E27 LED Bulbs, are becoming the lighting source of choice for homes and businesses across the world. The intricate bulbs use less energy than traditional energy saving or incandescent solutions and waste less heat (on average 5%), which means they not only reduce your energy bills and your carbon footprint but they’re much safer too.

LED bulbs are also free of all the nasty chemicals and potentially harmful components that make up traditional bulbs. As well, they’re fully recyclable, which means less landfill waste and pressure on the planet. And as these bulbs last longer than traditional bulbs, you’ll need to replace them less often, which means less waste and more money in your pocket.

Leave fast fashion behind

We’re all familiar with fast fashion brands. They entice us to make a purchase due to low prices and glamourous advertising campaigns. Sadly, these garments are of poor quality and aren’t made to last. This means most of your fast fashion items are destined for landfill, long before you’ve got your money’s worth. When buying new clothes consider “buying less and buying better” which means purchasing clothes of better quality and that you’ll have multiple wears out of.

You can also consider shopping second hand, learning how to fix and repair your clothes or even renting items you only intend to wear once.

Reduce your food waste

The amount of food waste we generate each year would shock you. This is why reducing our carbon footprint and the food waste we make is essential. Try to plan your meals accurately and focus on portion control. Making meals in advance and freezing them will help reduce waste. Anything your family don’t eat should head straight for your compost heap.

Update your cleaning supplies

Cleaning our homes and getting rid of bacteria has never been more important. However, you can still tackle germs and bacteria and help the environment. Switching to eco-friendly cleaning materials that are chemical and toxin-free, complete with sustainable packaging are safer to use and kinder to the environment.

Continue your climate crisis education

Educating yourself about the plight of our oceans, deforestation, and other worrying topics can help keep your pledge to a sustainable lifestyle in-tact. Read books, magazine articles, attend virtual discussions, join online groups and continue to raise awareness with those around you. The more you know, the better choices you’ll make.

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