Family Life // 3 Fun Ways to Get the Kids Involved in Cooking

One of the best things a parent can do is teach their children to cook properly. Even from the most basic cooking skills comes the potential for children to learn and grow while always being able to look after themselves when it comes to food without being dependent on anyone else or going through life eating fast food and takeaways.

Cooking with the children can also be a fantastic bonding experience that becomes a fun activity rather than a daily chore, plus it never hurts to have some help in the kitchen. Some of the fun things you can to get the kids involved included:

  • Tasting
  • Prepare squidgy stuff
  • Shopping

Tasting food and learning different flavours is an essential part of cooking while getting their hands mucky and messy is something kids love to do and when they are involved in the shopping of groceries, children can feel closer to their food.

Develop Their Tastes

While we are young we have a far less complicated pallet that is yet to be refined but ironically children have double the amount of taste buds which is why getting them to sample as much food as possible is very important. This is also why kids love sweet foods so replacing ice cream and jelly with watermelons and oranges should be done as soon as possible before a sweet tooth develops and they crave the wrong things.

Getting the children to eat things like broccoli, carrots and spicy food might be trying at first, but just like anything and anyone, they will develop a taste for these foods and will want them regularly as they get used to them. Not exposing your child to healthy food at a young age can have bad results as they get older, leading them to go to college (click here) and eat junk food for the rest of their lives.

A Helping Little Hand

A feeling that leaves most of us as we age, getting our hands messy, is something that children absolutely love to do. As their sense of touch develops, new sensations and feelings are extremely attractive to kids and this can be put to good use by getting them to help prepare certain things.

Making bread is a family favourite but can be very sticky. Luckily kids love this so you could have them mix the flour and water for you, leaving you to get on with making the food that the bread is meant to accompany. Other things such as making pastry, a toddler favourite, will help kids develop skills for later on in life and get them excited to help out in the kitchen.

Make It a Game

For some parents, shopping with the kids can be an absolute nightmare that requires the patience of a saint and the eyes of an eagle. Kids love to grab stuff off the shelves, pick up new things and will be drawn to sweets like a moth to a flame. But getting the children involved in shopping can be a great way of controlling them while in the store.

A valuable method is to make shopping a game by having the children lookout for specific items and then getting them to retrieve them, like an Easter egg hunt in the store. This makes the experience fun and kids love to cook or prepare with the things that they bought at the store.

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