Motherhood // Self-Care Tips For Busy Mums

Being a mum is hard work and your job becomes even more challenging when you’re busy managing a career and taking care of a household. However (and even though it may feel SO overwhelming at times!), you can still take good care of yourself and find time to prioritise yourself.

There are several self-care tips you can implement that will help you feel your best and have more natural energy. The better you feel the easier and (sometimes!) more rewarding it’ll be to care for others. Stress and burnout may set you back and cause you health issues later on, so commit to taking good care of yourself now and ensuring you remain well.

Focus on the Physical

One self-care tip for busy mums is to focus on the physical and getting in more daily movement. For instance, instead of sitting inside on the couch put your kids in the pushchair and go for a long walk – or download the Couch to 5K app! You may also want to consider stretching and doing yoga with your kids in your free time – they love to join in. Other ideas include spending time in your garden or creating a home gym in your house that you can use as you please.

Cook on the Weekends

You can take better care of yourself as a busy mum by eating healthily. Improve your diet and you’ll also improve your mood and feel healthier. If you’re busy during the week then consider meal planning and prepping on the weekends. Cook for yourself so you have more control over the ingredients and portion sizes. Check out these vegan recipes from Lee Kum Kee that you may want to give a try and add to your meal rotation. When you cook for yourself on the weekends you’ll have healthy meals you can eat during the week when you get busy.

Pamper Yourself

Another self-care tip for busy mums is to pamper yourself often. You must create more “me” time in your days and find ways to relax without any distractions. Consider sitting in a warm bath and doing some meditating, getting lost in a good book, or taking a nap when the kids are sleeping. Set up a home spa area where you can give yourself a facial and paint your nails when you have the time. You’ll feel and look great when you take good care of yourself and splurge on your self-care once in a while.

Find Time for Friends

It’s also important that you make time for your friends as a busy mum. It’s healthy to have adult relationships and people you can lean on when you need advice or assistance. Consider asking your friends to lunch or dinner or having them over for coffee or wine. You’ll find you’re much happier when you build and nurture your relationships with others, and have adults to connect with and have some fun with once in a while. You can exchange parenting tips and advice and cheer each other on when you’re feeling tired or make mistakes. Maintain a social calendar so you don’t let this aspect of your life take a backseat.

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