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Having a week or two away each year is an excellent way to see more of the world and enjoy a change of scenery. But, sometimes, the opportunity to extend your stay beyond the usual fortnight holiday comes along. Spending more than a few weeks in a different country is a fantastic chance to explore and experience everything the destination offers. An extended trip opens up so many possibilities for you to make more of your holiday and immerse yourself in a different culture. But, before you and your family head off on this adventure, there are some preparations that you will need to make before you go. Planning an extended trip with kids in tow may sound like a logistical nightmare, but as long as you start preparations early enough, it should not be as stressful as it sounds. Here are some of the preparations you will need to make before you head off on an extended family holiday:

Legal Requirements

Depending on which country you visit and how long you are planning to stay, you may require a visa for your trip. If you plan to visit for quite a while, you may need to speak to an immigration lawyer to advise on the best way to apply for the visa and the type of visa you need. Gaining expert advice should make it a lot simpler to obtain your visa and reduce the likelihood of stressful complications.

Check Your Passports

Having a valid passport for your trip is, of course, essential. But, you will also need to check the expiration date and how long you have remaining on your passport. Some countries require you to have more than six months left on your passport, so the length of time you stay in the country will be crucial if this is the case. If you require a new passport to extend its expiration date, you will need to apply for this as soon as possible. There is nothing more stressful than waiting for your new passport to arrive through the post when you only have a few days until your departure date.

Arrange Travel Insurance

Arranging travel insurance cover is so important, especially if you will be out of the country for a while. Hopefully, you will not need to claim your insurance, but it is still crucial to make sure you get the right policy and provide the correct cover level.

Notify Your Bank

It is always a great idea to notify your bank before you travel to another country. Otherwise, your card may be flagged with possible fraudulent use. Your bank may cancel your card to prevent it from being used fraudulently if they see it used multiple times in another country. Being without your card and trying to contact the bank are not things you want to deal with when you are on a relaxing holiday. So, to prevent this, it is wise to let your bank know you will be out of the country.

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