Motherhood // Raising Smart Kids in Smart Homes: Tips for Millennial Parents

It can be hard to raise intelligent kids in the digital age – and when you’re a millennial parent, more so. With so much information on how to raise and educate children, it can be tough to know what is true and what isn’t. So here are some tips for parents that may help with raising their children in the digital age!

Create Geofences for Your Child’s Devices

Geofences will help you monitor your child’s location and provide alerts when they cross a specific boundary. For example, if your kid goes to school, it can alert you that they are on the bus or walking down the street. You can also create geofences around their favourite hangouts (like Grandma’s house) to know when they are near.

Use Smart Lighting to Support Good Sleep

Research has shown that blue light, the kind emitted by TVs and smartphones, can disrupt your body’s natural circadian rhythm. LED lighting is a way to help regulate this cycle without having to unplug all of your electronics at night! For example, you can set smart bulbs for Alexa or Google Home to turn on and off according to your sleep schedule.

Buy Smart Toys

You may have heard that screen time is bad for kids, but this isn’t always the case. Smart toys can be a great way to get your child’s brain working without actually having them on screens all day long! Games like Toca Boca and Fisher-Price (and other brands) offer engaging games with bright colors, simple instructions, audio feedback, and tactile features.

Smart Home Security System

Your home is now one of your child’s most prized possessions. Make sure they’re safe with a smart security system that alerts you when motion is detected and can even tell if there are unfamiliar voices in the house! A few examples are Nest Cam, Arlo Pro, or Net gear Arlo Q.

Consider Letting a Robot Raise Your Child

A bit of a wild idea… but there are now robots that can teach children in a hands-on, interactive way. While this option is currently only available to those who can afford it, prices will likely drop as more companies offer them.

Take Advantage of Different Learning Styles

Kids have different learning styles, so you’ll want to provide them with various things to learn. For example, if one child doesn’t like reading but loves drawing pictures, they won’t get as much out of an eBook as they would from a physical book with pictures.

Create a Parental Controls System on Your Child’s Device

Parental controls let you monitor your child’s device usage from afar, which is especially handy for younger children who aren’t precisely tech-savvy yet. You can set limits to the amount of time they spend using their gadgets each day and even disable specific apps and games!

Password-Protect Your Child’s Devices

Passwords protect your children from things like cyberbullying, as well as other inappropriate content. You may want to consider letting them know the password when you feel that they’re old enough for it.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, having a smart home is just one way to raise intelligent kids in the digital age. Remember that you have options and try out different ways of teaching your child until you find what works best for them!

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