Breastfeeding Journeys

Like their births, my breastfeeding journeys have been completely different with each child.

Busby’s breastfeeding journey was short-lived, very stressful and incredibly upsetting. You can read those posts below:

There’s no use crying over spilt milk
Formula: A Mother’s Taboo

Indy’s breastfeeding journey has been infinitely more successful so far (although, as with Busby’s, the beginning wasn’t without complications!). You can read our breastfeeding posts as we travel through the milky thicket below:

My breastfeeding hopes and fears with baby #2
The Early Days
One month in
How breastfeeding is turning me into Oscar the Grouch
My Breastfeeding Essentials
Is this goodbye to breastfeeding?
The Pros + Cons of Breastfeeding

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