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Busby // School is on the horizon

Darling Busby, In around two months time we will find out which Primary School you will be attending. You are currently going to Preschool at our first choice, so we have everything crossed that you’ll continue on into the Reception Class there. It’s a lovely school, and you’ve made so many friends in the term and a half that you’ve been attending. (You never cease to amaze me with the ease that you make friends.) But, gosh! Primary School!?! When did that happen?!

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Siblings // February 2017

This month’s Siblings photos were taken at the local University grounds, which we’re lucky enough to live next to. I take H-Bear here at least once a week to set him free! Busby is always desperate to go at the weekend, so we headed over one Saturday morning at the beginning of February when the sun finally decided to shine. It’s the perfect place to take them. There’s a lake full of ducks, woods to run wild in, small hills to run down, and there are usually big  ...

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Family Fun // #DadsWhoPlayBarbie

“Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere.” ― Albert Einstein. At four, Busby is the perfect age for imagination play – and what an imagination she has! From sailing the seven seas in search of treasure, to blasting into space with Flopsy bunny, this girl can (and will be) anything! The lovely folk at Barbie sent her a box full of dolls and accessories to help some of her stories along and, as part of their #DadsWhoPlayBarbie campaign, they wanted Nick to  ...

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Family Fun // Children’s Art Galleries

Busby and I were walking through the art gallery in Harrods in October (on our way to the Christmas shop!) and she was drawn to all of the awesome, colourful artwork hanging up. “Mummy?” she said, “Do you think that my paintings could be in here one day?” I nodded, and told her what I tell her every time she asks me a question about her future: “Yes, darling. You can be whoever you want to be, and do whatever job you set your mind to and your heart on.”  ...

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