Indy // Bubbaroo Baby Sleep Diary Entry #4

We’re over the moon to be working with the Infant Sleep Consultants and Bubbaroo on the #BubbarooBabySleepDiary project. You can find all of our previous posts here.

bubbaroo baby sleep diary

Day Seventeen: Sunday 4th October

WOW! Indy slept from 00:45am until 6am this morning! We tried his thin tog Joey Swag sleeping bag from Bubbaroo and he obviously loved it. Continue reading

Interiors // Creating an Inspiring Nursery for Indy #NationalWallpaperWeek

Ah wallpaper…

When we moved into our new abode, we had to strip the most ghastly wallpaper off the walls in every single room in the house (barring our bedroom); an arduous task that lasted many days, so you’d think I’d be rather sick of the sight of it?!

Not quite yet!

Did you know that this week (5th – 11th October 2015) is National Wallpaper Week? Hurrah!


When I started designing Indy’s nursery I knew I wanted to create a statement wall as I did with Busby’s cloud wall (that I painstakingly stencilled by hand). Unfortunately, time is not of the essence at the moment with a newborn, a toddler and a very busy blog, so rather than hand-stencilling or painting a mural, I wondered whether wallpaper might be able to assist me in completing Indy’s nursery. Continue reading

Review // Medela Swing Electric Breast Pump

medela swing reviewWe were sent a Medela Swing Electric Breast pump to use as part of the Medela Mum campaign. I was really looking forward to putting it to the test, as I only had a manual pump when I was trying (and failing) to breastfeed Busby, and remember spending hours on the sofa, only to produce a minute amount of milk for her.

I started using the electric pump when Indy was a couple of days old to try and bring my milk in. My milk took around 4-5 days to come in this time round, and I was reluctant to start giving him formula as I desperately wanted to breastfeed. Once my milk arrived, I used it almost daily in the early days to increase my milk supply. Continue reading

Breastfeeding // Is this goodbye?

goodbye to breastfeedingDear Breasts,

You’ve done well. You’ve served your purpose for three and a half months now, and I couldn’t be prouder of you.

From the early days with Indy suckling; the tongue-tie, the cracked nipples, the bleeding. I slathered lanolin cream all over you and you healed beautifully. You got used to be pulled and sucked (for what felt like) hundreds of times a day.

We got through the blocked duct saga swiftly with the help of Dr Google. I thought child birth was uncomfortable, but milk stuck in ducts? Ouch! Thank goodness for cooling gel pads and hot baths.

We reached the “Holy 8 weeks of breastfeeding” stage, where the uncomfortableness of you filling with milk passed. Where I no longer curled my toes during every feed, dreading the moment Indy would de-latch himself so I’d have to re-latch, and feel the sharp pain course down my body once more. Continue reading

Indy // Bubbaroo Baby Sleep Diary Entry #3

We’re terribly thankful to be working with the Infant Sleep Consultants and Bubbaroo on the #BubbarooBabySleepDiary project. You can find all of our previous posts here.

bubbaroo baby sleep diary

Day Twelve: Tuesday 29th September (continued)

We had a bit of a breakthrough this afternoon – Indy slept in his new pushchair whilst out and about, and then continued to sleep in it when we got home! He’s never done this before, so it’s either the cold knocking him out or we’re getting somewhere! Fingers crossed for the latter.

Day Thirteen: Wednesday 30th September

Another bad night due to Indy’s cold. We’re going to try and raise his crib even more tonight to see whether that helps.

Indy and I fell back to sleep when Nick and Busby left for work and Nursery this morning – only for an hour, but every little helps! He slept in his pushchair again today. We also received our new Bubbaroo sleeping bags today, so I’m very much looking forward to trying them! Especially the super warm one, as Indy really does like to be cosy. Continue reading

What Indy Wore // Baby Pilot Hat from My Little Duckling

my little duckling pilot hat reviewNow that Autumn is well and truly upon us I’m enjoying cracking out the jumpers and hats! We were sent this awesome Pilot Hat from My Little Duckling in snowdust blue for Indy, and we have been giggling ever since I first put it on him.

The hat is made from cotton (inner layer) and acrylic yarn (outer layer). It’s super cosy and very soft! Continue reading

Review + Giveaway // Welcome to The Furchester Hotel DVD

We’re huge The Furchester Hotel fans here at Make, Do and Push! HQ, so we were over the moon when the latest Furchester DVD popped through our letter box.


If you’ve never watched The Furchester Hotel before, then you’re in for a treat! The series is shown on our beloved CBeebies, and is designed for 3 to 6-year-olds, but Busby loves it at almost-3 (and Nick and I love it at almost-30!). The show is set in a ½-star rated hotel run by a close-knit family of cheerfully chaotic monsters – including Elmo and Cookie Monster from Sesame Street! Continue reading

Food // The Magic of Pasta

magic and pastaPasta is one of my favourite foods. I will happily eat copious amounts of it and, for me, it never gets boring.

I have fond memories of eating various different pasta dishes as a child (including alphabet spaghetti, of course!), experimenting with it at university (a few handfuls of Farfalle pasta, a can of beans, a can of tuna and A LOT of cheese! A student’s tuna pasta bake) and refining my pasta dishes in my twenties. I think one of the first dishes I ever cooked Nick was pasta-based, and one of Busby’s favourite dinners I prepare involves pasta and a lot of smoked salmon!

The above quote is certainly one I use as a sort of life mantra. Pasta is one of the reasons I will never be stick thin. Well, pasta… and cake! And I’m more than ok with that! Continue reading

Miffy Mum // Miffy comes to Tiny Pop THIS WEEK!

Hello! Just a quick reminder that new TV series, Miffy’s Adventures Big and Small launches on Tiny Pop (Freeview channel 126) on 2nd October 2015… which is this Friday! Yay!
Miffy Adventures airplane image jpg

The series comprises 52, seven minute long episodes which see Miffy and her friends exploring the exciting world around her. The episodes are full of fun songs with a simple narrative. Busby is already a big fan – she hasn’t stopped talking about the sneaky peak episodes we were privy to. Continue reading

Indy // Bubbaroo Baby Sleep Diary Entry #2

We’re very excited (and incredibly thankful) to be working with the Infant Sleep Consultants and Bubbaroo on the #BubbarooBabySleepDiary project. You can find all of our previous posts here.

bubbaroo baby sleep diaryDay Seven: Thursday 24th September

Another good night from Indy – which makes that two nights in a row! Hurrah! I feel like we’re really getting somewhere with this night sleeping malarkey.

He hasn’t napped for more than 30 minutes all day however, which means he’s been awake 8am-8pm (barring the said nap)! He’s finally asleep on Nick now after a fair amount of screaming as he didn’t want to go in the sling… I’m going to call the doctors tomorrow and get an appointment for him next week to see whether they think he might have silent reflux – it really does feel like something is bothering him, but he’s had some lovely happy time today lying on his back, chatting to me. So if it is reflux would he be able tolerate being on his back at all? I need to make a list! I also checked in with Annie (our sleep consultant) today, who is happy with our progress. We’re going to spend another week continuing with the structured feeding to see whether it is still hunger, and then go from there. We’ve got a few instructions to keep us going over the next week, such as trying to lengthen out his morning waking “bassline” from the current average 3.30am to 4am, and then gradually to a reasonable time to be awake! Continue reading