I can’t quite believe that we’re at 22 months already! In two months time Busby is going to be two… Two! Two?! How has it been almost two years since she arrived in the world with a thump on the bed? Time goes super quickly when you have a toddler!

Busby at 22 months
This month has been a busy one! Nick and I got married, we spent our first week away from Busby and, generally, it feels like we’ve been rushing around a lot, not able to catch our breath. Continue reading

Howdy! I’m back, and with a new look – do you like it?

Well, welcome back to The Week That Was: Captured! Have you all had a wonderful few weeks? I hope so! I’d like to say a MAHOOSIVE THANK YOU to the amazing Aby of You Baby, Me Mummy for hosting over the past three weeks. She has done a fabulous job and I am extremely grateful to her for everything.

Our wedding and honeymoon were amazing! I haven’t had a chance to write about the wedding yet, but our The Week That Was: Honeymooned is here if you fancy a gander.

Bettys Harrogate Honeymoon

My handsome Husband at the beginning of our Honeymoon

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We’ve been the proud owners of the funky Cosatto Giggle 3-in-1 Travel System “New Wave” for just over two months now; through thunderstorms and heat waves, toddler tantrums and blissful naptimes, up steep hills and down onto the seafront, so I think it’s time to share our thoughts with you!

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Autumn is well and truly here! As I sit down to write this, I’ve just made a big ol’ pot of chilli and am sat on the sofa underneath a blanket drinking tea. I love Autumn. It’s definitely my favourite season; the smells, the sounds, the clothes! This year I might even try a spiced pumpkin latte from a well-known coffee retailer that rhymes with ar-clucks… Cosy!

Busby is also enjoying Autumn; we spent the last part of our Honeymoon staying at Nick’s parents house, and she showed great delight in collecting all of the apples from their apple tree… and trying to feed them to me!

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However organised, prepared and omniscient you are, there are some things that will always find a way to niggle you. From the train doors closing just as you reach the platform to that coffee cup spilling all over your favourite work top just before a meeting with the boss.

Although there are no magic potions, spells or miracle cures that will see all your niggles banished to room 101 for good, there are a few clever ways to minimise their effect and even make some of the most niggly of niggles a thing of the past – as this video proves:

Family problems 
Trying to juggle work and family life is hard enough; throw an uncomfortable, pokey bra into the mix and many working mums will want to give up all together. Continue reading

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So… I’m back! Just about…! The past few weeks have felt super-duper surreal: a mixture of stress, elation, and crazy joy. We have been surrounded by so much love, so much kindness and so much positivity that it’s all a little bit overwhelming. I’ll be writing about the wedding in the next few days (or weeks, depending on how life is going), but for now, I thought I’d re-enter the mad world of blogging with a classic Make, Do and Push! The Week That Was… and this one is all about our relaxing, indulgent, decadent Honeymoon.

Perhaps it should have been called a Foodiemoon?

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We’re back on the subject of dogs again today – I’m like a dog with a bone (sorry) about this subject at the moment at Make, Do and Push! Towers… Soon! In the next few months we’ll hopefully be homing a pooch, but here is an article that’s well worth reading before one commits:

Getting a dog for the first time can be a lot like bringing a new baby home, but without the stitches, shell shocked expression and breast pads. Puppies are invariably cute, and look like butter wouldn’t melt. However, they can come with a few teething issues reminiscent of new parenthood. Continue reading

Busby is a little vehicle-mad at the moment; she loves everything from tractors to vans – but what she gets most excited about is trains! Watching them, riding on them, even seeing one on television will send her off on an excited babble and dance… so when we were offered a Fisher-Price® My First Thomas & Friends™ Motion Control Thomas to review, I had to say yes!

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Hullo! Hullo!

Honeymoon is over *sob* but we’re still recovering (with a small amount of post-wedding blues…!) – I’ll be back in the land of blogging next week! I can’t wait to catch up with all of your news!

The wonderful Aby from You Baby, Me Mummy is hosting The Week That Was: Captured for me again this week because she’s amazeballs, so pop over and link up with her there!

See you next week!

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The last guest post while we’re away on Honeymoon is from lovely Amy who blogs at & then there were four… she talks about the secret night her husband-to-be had the night before their wedding!

When I married Mr L, I was 14 weeks pregnant so my Hen “Party” consisted of a meal (and drinks for every one else!) at a local Italian. Mr L had a slightly more exciting Stag Party – think go-karting, drinking at his sisters pub and a night on the town that ended up in him coming home absolutely legless at 5am after telling me he’d be home for midnight at the latest. Needless to say I was less than impressed, but to be fair, he had his Stag Do well before the wedding and so it wasn’t going to affect the day.

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