Review // Getting organised with Zazzle

Since relocating to Yorkshire I have felt all over the place; there have been too many tabs open in my mind, and I’ve been horribly disorganised in every aspect of my life. I dislike feeling like this as, by nature, I’m a very organised person and I enjoy being organised! So when Zazzle asked me if there was anything I’d like to change or improve on in 2016, I had a very obvious answer: to organise my life, and to continue growing the blog and my freelance work.

The lovely folk at Zazzle asked me to choose some items from their awesome online store to aid my quest, and I spent hours perusing the website; picking the appropriate products for my 2016 adventure. Zazzle’s products let you add your personal touch to any part of your life; you can personalise just about anything you like by using their fantastic, easy online tools.

Firstly, I ordered some new business cards as my current cards were horrifically out of date. I came across these beautiful pre-designed cards and fell in love.

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What H-Bear Wore // Alice in Wonderland style from Mamas + Papas

The Mamas + Papas’ new Alice in Wonderland collection is a big hit with me; I’m not usually a fan of character clothing, but Alice in Wonderland is one of my all time favourite Disney films, and after playing Tweedle Dee in the stage version at University I’ve loved it even more. Mamas + Papas have created a subtle, fun range, and there are quite a few pieces I’m ogling after for our baby bear.

H-Bear was sent the most adorable White Rabbit sleepsuit and hat from the collection, and following a very difficult night of no sleep, I popped him in it for a little revenge photo shoot.

The results are adorable!

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Motherhood // 7 ways to ease the pain of sleep deprivation

Well, we’re 32 weeks into the land of sleep deprivation here at Make, Do & Push! HQ, and the insanity continues! It’s been seven and a half long months of gaining dependencies (coffee), talking gibberish, and walking into rooms and wondering why on earth we entered said room.

I’m beginning to think of myself as a seasoned professional in the land of sleep deprivation. Perhaps I’ll hold seminars and classes for fellow desperate parents in the months to come… But for now I have a few (tongue-in-cheek) ways to help with the pain:

Motherhood 7 ways to ease the pain of sleep deprivation

1. Drink dangerous amounts of caffeine. You may be shaking, but at least you’re awake, yes?! Excuse my twitching eye…  Continue reading

My Wild Ones // A trip to Filey, 5/52

Hey there! We’re back for another week of My Wild Ones! Thanks so much to everyone who linked up last week.

mums space

I wanted to share Tara’s (Mums Space) post from last week as her photos were gorgeous! They visited their local beach, and it looks like such a beautiful beach to visit.

Our new car arrived last week, and we’ve all been itching to go on an adventure as a family in it, so we decided to visit the beautiful seaside town of Filey over the weekend. Continue reading

Motherhood // 10 things I wish someone had told me about postpartum life

With a few friends about to pop out their first (and consequent) babies, I’ve been thinking about birth and what life is like after having a baby. As one of the first in my group of friends to have children, I sometimes wish I’d had someone close around to tell me all of this, so below would be my advice to my friends (and my lovely readers) about to embark on the crazy journey into the Wilderness:

Motherhood //  10 things I  wish someone had  told me about  postpartum life

1. First up, there is no such thing as ‘too many’ maternity pads. You will always go through so many more than you think you will… and you’ll find that your partner now brings home a bag of pads instead of flowers for you. Who says romance is dead, eh?!

2. There is also no such thing as ‘too much’ tea or cake. Losing the baby weight should be the farthest thing from your mind as you enjoy newborn squishes, so eat the cake. The tea will help all manner of problems too, ranging from sleep deprivation to emotional, hormonal tears. Because, even if you’re not usually a crier, there will be many of the latter. Continue reading

Giveaway // Win a HiPP Organic Follow-on Milk Hamper (#MilkMoments)

hipp organics giveaway

We began weaning H-Bear at around four and a half months old, after copious amounts of research into the benefits of early weaning for babies that suffer with reflux.

As this is our second foray into the land of weaning, we have entered into with both a tad less excitement and apprehension than the first time with Busby. He has taken to weaning with far more gusto than Busby ever did, and absolutely adores his food! Blueberries (squished a little between our fingers so they’re not a choking hazard) and apple (cut up into sticks) have been favourites so far, as well as Nick’s famous roast potatoes – sans salt, obviously. Continue reading

Review // A Family Photo Shoot with Albert + Me

Kate, who is currently on maternity leave from her job in journalism, has always loved taking photos, but since becoming a Mama she has a new focus in life, and she loves nothing more than capturing the new man in her life on camera.

This re-discovered passion for photography has spurred her on to set up her own photography business Albert + Me (named after her super gorgeous little man), and we were very honoured to have her capture the children in a photo shoot last week.

I first met Kate online when I was pregnant with H-Bear, and I’ve been following her journey through pregnancy and into Motherhood ever since. Kate is based in East Yorkshire, and as it turns out, only lives a few miles away from us!

I’m a huge fan of natural light photography and capturing children candidly, which is what Kate specialises in, so I was very excited for the shoot and to see the resulting photos!

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Funky Kid Friday // Hosting #10


I’m hosting Funky Kid Friday again this week! Hurrah! Thanks to lovely Alex for hosting last week.

In case you’re new to the party… Funky Kid Friday is a linky that has been running for yonks, hosted by the lovely Alex from Medicated Follower. I’ve come on board to take some of the load… and because I love children’s clothes!

fkf pink

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My Wild Ones // Being Three, 4/52

Hello! We’re back for another week of My Wild Ones! Thanks so much to everyone who linked up last week.

little luca and me

I wanted to share Franki’s post (Little Luca & Me) this week, as her snow photos were absolutely divine! I know she’s been working hard on her photography and practising lots over the past few weeks, and I really enjoyed her post.

So this week… I’ve been pondering over this post; we’ve had some lovely adventures together over the past week, and beautiful sibling moments, but I’ve decided to dedicate this post to Busby. Continue reading

Review // Pao Papoose Baby Carrier from We Made Me

pao papoose review

I’ve written previously about how we are now daily baby wearers at Make, Do and Push! HQ; with Indy/H-Bear being a reflux, super-glue baby (he’s been promoted from velcro to super-glue), wearing him has become a necessity to be able to get on with life with a baby and a three year old in tow!

We were sent the fantastic Pao Papoose Baby Carrier from We Made Me back in November. I was staying with my Mum in Sussex at the time for two weeks – just me and the children – and needed a carrier that I could use for all of our exciting adventures. Continue reading