Introducing… Our newest family member

Phew! This week has certainly been an eventful one!


I’m over the moon to announce that our newest family member, Henry Rupert Harding (blog name to be confirmed), entered the world on Tuesday 23rd June 2015 at 14.31 BST after the most amazingly empowering and speedy labour at home. He weighed a chunky 8lb 7oz and wanted food almost immediately, so our hopes for his future career as a Michelin-starred Chef seem just.  Continue reading

Pregnant with a Peppercorn // 39 weeks pregnant

39 weeks pregnant

“What does it feel like to be 39 weeks pregnant?” a friend asked me this week.

“Big.” was my reply, “Big, impatient and pretty uncomfortable.”

So here we are at 39 weeks, and Peppercorn is approximately the weight of a mini-watermelon (3.4kg, which is around 7lb 5oz). I had my 39 week Midwife appointment on Wednesday, and she thinks that he’s a “good size” baby and will probably weigh into the 8lb range…! Eek! This has had me repeating my positive “My body wouldn’t grow a baby I couldn’t birth” affirmation as I began to worry… Busby was only 6lb 14oz, which was the perfect size! Continue reading

The Week That Was: Captured #102

Hullo! Welcome to The Week That Was: Captured! Have you had a wonderful week?

The rules for #TWTWC are simple; link up one post about your week (it doesn’t have to be the whole week – it can just be one day, or your weekend)! It can be photographed, Instagrammed, written, videoed… basically in any format you wish! This linky is about capturing memories and I treat it a bit like an online diary. Please only link up relevant posts. Also, if you fancy commenting on other people’s posts that would be super too – everyone loves a comment!

Last week
kate plusKate’s (Kate+) post was gorgeous last week! I especially loved the beach photos… and the gin! Continue reading

Busby // 30 months (2.5 years!)

Here we are at 30 months, and I honestly thought Busby would be in the early days of Big Sisterdom by now!

30 month update

It has been lovely to have another month alone with my beautiful, if slightly crazy, Toddler girl. With the weather getting warmer, and with us being in our new house, we’ve spent a lot of time in the garden together. As I can’t really be Fun Mummy, running around manically after Busby, we’ve done lots of reading on a picnic blanket or under a canopy (or in bed), and the Paddington books have been a favourite again this month!  Continue reading

Pregnancy // The End Game

end of pregnancy

As my pregnancy draws to an end I am in a state of flux; I can’t wait to meet this little man whom I’ve grown for the past nine months – to hold him, to feed him, to love him totally and utterly, but at the same time I’m scared and a little sad.

I’m scared that I won’t have enough love to go round – how can my heart fit anymore love inside when it is filled so completely with Busby and Nick?

I’m scared that I won’t be able to manage with two children by myself in, what is still, a relatively unknown place to me.

I’m scared that my PND will rear its ugly head.

I’m scared that Busby will feel neglected or rejected; she’s had all of our attention for two and a half years now – it will be very difficult for her to adjust. Continue reading

Review // The Calming Lavender Range from Earth Friendly Baby (by Lansinoh)

A few weeks ago we were sent some beautiful products from the Earth Friendly Baby Calming Lavender range to try at bath time. Lavender is featuring heavily in our lives at the moment, as it’s one of the main essential oils I’m planning on using during the Home Birth, so I couldn’t wait to try this range.

calming lavender review

We were sent three products to try:

Calming Lavender Shampoo & Bodywash (250ml). This is such a beautiful, gentle bodywash that I’ve been using it in the shower on Bump! It lathers wonderfully and smells divine. I wouldn’t recommend it as a daily shampoo for adult hair (it made my hair feel quite heavy and look rather dull – which I find happens when I use children’s shampoo), but it’s great for children’s hair.   Continue reading

When Should You Start Passing Down Driving Tips To Your Children?

Driving is a useful skill to have. It makes life more convenient and opens up opportunities that people without their own transport simply don’t have both for work and leisure. When you have children, it is important that you pass on your driving skills to them in order for them to be responsible drivers on the road. But when should you start to do this?

driving Busby

The best time

Continue reading

Pregnancy // Weekly Positive Inspiration for a Positive Birth #10

positive inspiration for childbirthI’ve found it very difficult to remain positive this week; there have been tears of frustration and impatience, and lots of moments of “is this it?!” when tightenings and surges have decided to ramp up… only to dissipate into nothing.

This frustration hasn’t affected my thoughts on Peppercorn’s birth though – if anything, it’s left me feeling more excited for his arrival! I came up with an analogy for this birth limbo (which is very apt if you know me and know how much I love receiving post): it’s a bit like waiting for a really exciting parcel in the post – you know it’s coming and it could arrive at any time… However, unlike the post, it won’t get lost in a sorting office somewhere! He is definitely coming at some point in the next three weeks. Continue reading

Review // Welcome Bouquet from Little Bump Shop

Little Bump Shop Review

Last week I received a beautiful bouquet of teeny baby items in the post from the Little Bump Shop. Little Bump Shop’s owner, Kat, has so many gorgeous baby bouquets to choose from in her gorgeous online store – from single roses (made from a pair of baby socks) to luxurious bouquets (made from a whole newborn starter kit) there’s something for everyone, and every budget.

I was over the moon when Kat asked me to choose a bouquet to review for the impending arrival of Master Peppercorn, and I opted for a beautiful Welcome Blue Bouquet, which costs £35.99 (with £4.99 P&P – Royal Mail First Class Recorded). Each bouquet can be personalised with a handwritten message. Continue reading

Three Ace Products with Guaranteed Results

The high street is a place of perils and pitfalls, baffling bargains and dodgy discounts. But the onslaught of merchandise can become a little more bearable when you’ve got a helping hand.


Nowhere is this truer than in the hunt for the perfect beauty regime. There are so many “miracle cures”, “fantastic results” and “guaranteed successes” that every product you buy on the high street can’t possibly work. There have to be at least a few duds. Continue reading