The lovely folk at Tiffany Rose very kindly asked me to choose a maternity dress from their wonderful online collection to wear for Christmas. After agonising over a number of gorgeous dresses, I decided to opt for the beautiful Lara Dress in Midnight Garden, as I thought it would be ideal for Christmas Day.
tiffany rose review 1
I have hardly any photos from my pregnancy with Busby, as I was so convinced I looked like a beached whale for most of the pregnancy. In hindsight I really regret this, and I intend to take many more in this pregnancy. I’m much more at ease with my body and the changes it will endure this time round, and pregnancy should be celebrated – no matter what shape or size you are. Continue reading

The dreaded C word is just around the corner, and while many of us are still fretting over what to buy our family for Christmas, the more ambitious among us are looking forward to big changes for the New Year.

A new year is a great excuse for a few home improvements, and a good place to start (before you start ripping out the kitchen!) is the child’s bedroom – it’s the one member of the household who won’t mind having his or her room disturbed and is relatively cheap compared to matching an adult’s expensive tastes. Continue reading

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Hullo! Welcome to The Week That Was: Captured! Have you had a lovely week?

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Last week
Screen Shot 2014-10-25 at 15.42.15I loved reading about Becky’s (Little O and Me) fun weekend last week – she went clubbing, which is something I haven’t done in a very long time! Continue reading

Busby is two today! Two??! I know it’s a cliché, but time certainly has flown past… and what a two years it has been! She has gone from being a bundle of scrunched up newborn to a beautiful, feisty, intelligent Toddler. I am so very proud of her.

beautiful busby

1. 4 days old // 2. 1 year old // 3. 2 years old

This month Busby has learnt how to tell fibs; much to our amusement, as they’re all very obviously not true! The terrible twos have ramped up somewhat, and she’s certainly asserting herself around us. Continue reading

The lovely folk at StreetHub got in touch last week and asked me whether we’d be interested in reviewing something from their site. I spent ages searching for something for myself (and added a lot of wonderful items to my Christmas list!), but then came across this amazing jumper from Tootsa Macginty at Carry Me Home and knew that Busby would adore it!

tootsamacginty review

Penguin hat: Next // Jumper: Tootsa Macginty // Tutu: H&M // Tights: Next // Shoes: Clarks

Busby is utterly fascinated by the moon at the moment, so everything about the jumper is perfect; from the semi-neon stars, to the bashful snoozing moon. My favourite thing has to be the embroidered rocket on the right sleeve; it’s just so much fun and Busby loves pointing it out and making rocket noises. Continue reading

I’ve got to admit, there have been a few times during this pregnancy where I wondered whether we’d make it to 12 weeks. I’ve been feeling so worried, and so guilty, as we managed to get pregnant so quickly, that the pregnancy wouldn’t last. That probably sounds ridiculous, but the mind of a pregnant woman isn’t always the sanest, with the amount of hormones whizzing around my body at the moment; I cried the other day at Buble’s It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas because, as I sobbed at Nick, “I love Christmas”.

Oh man.
12 weeks pregnant But here we are! I had my dating scan this week, which put me at exactly 12 weeks with an EDD of 22nd June 2015. Continue reading

One more week to go until my 12 week scan! Very exciting! I am hoping and praying that I’ll stop feeling sick at 12 weeks too… I’m so fed up of feeling like this; I have no energy for anything, despite eating like a horse!
11 weeks pregnant Peppercorn is the size of a fig, and apparently is busy kicking and stretching… I wonder whether he’ll be an awkward squirmer at the scan like Busby was?? Continue reading

This week was a crazy week as we moved and relocated to Yorkshire! I felt fairly useless not being able to lift much during the move, and my sciatica also seemed to make an appearance after a long evening of bending over and packing boxes… It hasn’t gone away yet, which is proving rather painful.
10 weeks pregnant
Pregnancy Hangover seems to be getting worse in the evenings, as that’s when I’m most tired at the moment. It means that, if I’m not in bed by 9.30-10pm, I can be found retching sexily into my hand or down the toilet… Continue reading

I have another wonderful giveaway for you today – courtesy of KangaWrap. We’re giving away a KangaWrap Baby Wrap to one lucky winner, and all you have to do is enter the Rafflecopter below!
kangawrap giveaway The KangaWrap is a soft organic cotton baby wrap sling – and one size fits all. It’s a Fair Trade product, and all profits fund maternity care in Delhi slums. You can read all about KangaWrap’s fantastic charity work here. Continue reading

I’m completely and utterly fed up with the first trimester now, and would really appreciate it if 12-13 weeks hurries up. I’m feeling so exhausted and sick. Nick is being amazing letting me lie in for as long as possible in the mornings, and dealing with Busby when she enters our room first thing. I know I should stop moaning, but this Mama needs 24/7 bed rest!
9 weeks pregnant
I can’t stop eating. All of the good work I did losing weight for the wedding is swiftly being undone! Continue reading