What Busby Wore // Muddy Puddles

While we’ve been staying with my Mum down in Sussex, we’ve partaken in a fair few country walks! So it was rather fortunate (and extremely good timing) when the lovely folk at Muddy Puddles sent the children a super selection of outdoor wear.

muddy puddles review

Busby was sent the most beautiful Puddleflex Jacket in red (it also comes in yellow and navy). The jacket is waterproof (up to 10,000mm); it fared amazingly well in a very soggy rainstorm we were caught in! And has a concealed storm flap for extra protection in a storm. Continue reading

Motherhood // Hello! I’m… back?! (A Poem)

first period poem

Well, hello… hello! What a… surprise?
It’s, um, nice to have you back…?
Apologies for the lack of welcoming parade,
I’m feeling rather crap.
I understand I couldn’t have known
You’d make an unannounced arrival,
But you ruined my favourite pjs,
When you made your spontaneous revival.
You have returned,
Ergo, we can once again procreate,
I’m afraid it won’t be for a while though,
A three-to-four year wait. Continue reading

La Petite Armoire // Christmas Wishlist (Indy)

“Snow is falling… all around us!” 

Eeek! Only one month until Christmas Day and I am so under-prepared it is unreal…

This year is Indy’s first Christmas! Busby was only five days old when we celebrated her first Christmas; we were deeply smothered in the newborn fog, so we didn’t really go all out on the Baby’s First Christmas theme… As Indy is going to be six months old (and Busby is going to be three!) I’m feeling quite excited and inspired for a whole month of Christmas-related outfits for the both of them!

Not sure whether I have enough time to create a baby and preschooler Christmas clothing advent calendar… that would be so much fun though!

Here are a few of my top picks for Indy:

christmas clothing wishlist

1. Christmas Pudding suit from Tu // 2. Matching shoes from Tu (I already have a Christmas pudding hat, so I think the pudding look has to happen) // 3. Alternative Christmas jumper from The Bonnie Mob // 4. Beautiful handmade Liberty star tee from Magnificent Stanley // 5. Another gorgeous jumper from The Bonnie Mob // 6. Elf tights from Slugs & Snails (found on KyNa Boutique) // 7. Christmas knitted leggings from F&F

Have you spotted anything wonderful for your little one for Christmas? Will you be going with a fancy dress theme, or classic Christmas wear?


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Indy // 5 months

I can’t quite believe I’m writing this… but Indy is now 5 months old!

indy at 5 months

The big news this month is that we’ve finally got his reflux and Cow’s Milk Protein Allergy (CMPA) under control. I won’t go into great detail in this post (you can read more here) but it’s like we have a different baby! He’s generally a very happy, smiley chap – unless he’s hungry… He seems to have inherited the family hangry gene! Continue reading

Busby // 35 months

busby 35 monthsMy goodness! In one month my beautiful little lady will be three whole years old! HOW?!

This month Busby has loved staying down in Sussex with my mum. It’s been a great opportunity to catch up with friends and family, as well as play with her canine bestie, Basil. She’s been thoroughly exhausted by our trip (and we’re only halfway through!) but she has loved every minute. Continue reading

Funky Kid Friday // Hosting #6

Hi there!

I’m hosting Funky Kid Friday again this week! Hurrah! Thanks to lovely Alex for hosting last week.

In case you’re new to the party… Funky Kid Friday is a linky that has been running for yonks, hosted by the lovely Alex from Medicated Follower. I’ve come on board to take some of the load… and because I love children’s clothes!

fkf pink

Continue reading

What Indy Wore // Panda and the Sparrow #BabyGetCosy

The lovely folk at Panda and the Sparrow sent Indy some gorgeous bamboo clothes as part of their #BabyGetCosy campaign.

I’ve written about my love for bamboo clothing previously. It’s such a fantastic material to use for clothes, especially children’s clothes, as it’s thermoregulating and hypoallergenic. It’s also super soft against the skin and is breathable, making it ideal for suffers of eczema.

We were sent two sleepsuit rompers, which have been wonderful. I found Panda and the Sparrow sizing to be on the small side for our long, chunky-thighed-but-skinny-everywhere-else baby, so both sleepsuits are size 6-12 months, which fit perfectly.

panda and the sparrow review

Continue reading

Siblings // November 2015

There’s been a little more interaction between my two bears this month.

siblings november

Indy continues to be mesmerised by his big sister and everything she does. His favourite thing seems to be watching her in the bath – Busby is rather odd and enjoys the cold – and having cold water thrown on her (at her request I hasten to add!). Indy has giggling fits whenever this happens, and Busby exclaims “More! More cold!” through her own hysterics.  Continue reading

What Indy Wore // Tractor of the Day from Hatley

Who doesn’t love tractors?? We certainly do here in the Make, Do & Push! household, so we were very happy to find a plethora of tractor clothes in our box of goodies from Hatley.

Hatley recently opened a brand new store in Chiswick; it’s their first ever store in the UK (having originated in Canada). The gorgeous brand aren’t unknown in the UK, however! You may recognise the name and distinctive style from independent boutiques and department stores.

Indy was sent this lovely two-part set made of 100% cotton.

hatley tractor review

Continue reading

Pregnancy // 5 Types of Pregnancy Scan Mums-to-Be Can Choose From

pregnancy scanPregnancy scans are carried out to build a picture of an unborn child. They check on the growth and development of a baby in the womb, and can pick up a number of potential health problems before the child is born. Ultrasound equipment is used to ‘bounce’ sound off a mum-to-be’s abdomen and measures how sound is ‘bounced’ back, this is then turned into a picture we can see.

Scans are part and parcel of being pregnant for millions of women around the world. Painless and relatively stress-free, two different ultrasound examinations are usually offered in the UK as a matter of course, but there are five available if you opt for a private pregnancy scan. Continue reading